• Peter S30
    27 April 2012 at 06:32 #48984

    Here is a question Laurence asked me:

    “Perhaps you might be able to help me? My spare wheel mounting has somehow gone missing, & I need to show people what it was like so that it might jog memories or aid getting one made. On many V12s, the mounting is simply a dished steel disc fitted to a rod which passes through a roughly 1 inch diameter hole in the wheelcase, to bolt to the scuttle. On mine, the same rod went into a conical aluminium casting instead of the steel disc, meaning the hole in the wheelcase is much bigger, 4 or 5 inches diameter. The outer face of the aluminium cone had a steel plate held on by two countersunk screws; that retained a captive nut which the thumbwheel with conical plate for the wheel hub bolted to.

    Any chance your mounting sounds the same as mine? If so, I’d really appreciate some photos.”

    I am not sure how his mounting should look like, His V12 is a very late one from 1940. I have attached photos of mine (V12 Saloon De Ville built in 1939 with the standard mounting Laurence described above)

    Anybody else has suggestions or a very late V12?
    Laurence: can you post a photo how it looks like on your car now?

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    Alistair Crawford
    27 April 2012 at 15:59 #48985


    I have two V12 cars, both sanction 1 and therefore early. They both have the same spare wheel mounting as your photographs. So from this information you can conclude that yours is the standard fixing for the earlier cars.

    28 April 2012 at 09:31 #48986

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for this, & I hope someone finds their V12 or LG6 has a similar mounting to mine, & can take photos. Unfortunately I have no photos myself, never anticipated it going missing! All I could show is that the wheelcase has a much larger hole (4-5 inches diameter, with a large rubber grommet, as opposed to the earlier cars, where the hole is little more than an inch diameter, with the rod of the mounting covered by a piece of rubber tubing where it passes through the wheelcase.
    Alastair, thanks for input, but what was fitted to the earlier cars isn’t in question, unfortunately I don’t know when Lagonda introduced this revised mounting.
    Of course, if someone has a mounting of the type I need going spare, please let me know!

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