1)        This Policy sets out how Lagonda Club Limited (the Club) collects, uses and protects any information that members give to the Club about themselves and their cars.

2)        The Club is committed to ensuring that members’ privacy is protected and that any personal information will only be used in accordance with this Policy.

3)        This Policy will be effective from 25 May 2018, and may be changed from time to time thereafter.   Any changes will be notified to members before they are implemented.

4)        The Club will collect, store and update information (the Information) about each member, covering their name (and partners name where given), membership number, postal address, telephone number(s), email address, and the fact that they own their specific Lagonda(s).   No other personal information will be held by the Club.   If members give credit/debit card details to the Club, these details will be used only for the transaction concerned, and will not be retained by the Club.

5)        The Club will also collect, store and update information on Lagondas owned by members, including the model, body type, registration number, date of first registration, car number and engine number of each car.   One of the Club’s purposes is to build a complete history of each car, and it does therefore expect members to provide this information on joining the Club, and to update this on request at reasonable intervals.

6)        In addition to the information in 5) above, the Club will collect as much information as possible (including photographic) about each Lagonda and its condition, from members and from other sources, in order to build upon the Club’s historical archive.

7)        The Club will publish, to members only, a Register, which will include, for each member, the Information in 4), above, and car details as in 5), above.   This Register may be in hard copy or in electronic form (password-protected where necessary).   Details of new members will be published in the Club’s Newsletter.   If a member wishes to restrict the publication of the Information relating to them, then they should inform the Membership Secretary, who will agree this with them.

8)        From time to time, the Club may contact members to confirm the information that it holds on them and on their Lagondas.   Any member may obtain details of the Information by contacting the Membership Secretary.

9)        No Information that is not included in the Register will be used in the Club’s publications to members (including the Magazine and the Newsletter), without their written permission.

10)      No information about a member, or any that links them to a specific Lagonda that they own, will ever be published to a non-member or to any third party without the member’s written permission unless the Club is legally required to do so.

11)      The Club will share with bona fide (in the Directors’ reasonable opinion) enquirers information about individual cars, including the names and the counties/states/countries of the last known addresses of their past owners, but it will not disclose any information about the current owner of any car without the owner’s written permission.

12)      The Club is committed to ensuring that members’ Information is kept secure, and it has taken steps to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure, particularly where electronic data is concerned.   Security measures will be reviewed, as available technology evolves, and improvements will be made where reasonable.

13)      The Club’s website uses ‘cookies’, stored on members’ browsers, which identify members and store information about any purchases that they may make.   This helps the Club to improve its service to members.   Members can change the settings on their browsers to prevent this, but this may limit the service that the Club can provide to them.

14)      Members are expected to maintain strict confidentiality regarding information about other members and their cars, and to adhere to the Club’s policy in this matter.   Members’ Information must never be used for commercial purposes.   Any breach of this policy will be taken very seriously by the Club and may lead to the termination of a member’s membership.

15)      All queries should be addressed to the Membership Secretary, who, as at 25th May 2018, is Colin Bugler, at Wintney House, London Rd., Hartley Wintney, Hants, RG27 8RN, email: admin@lagondaclub.com