• 13 January 2019 at 22:15 #52968

    I understand the M45 was originally supplied with either a Stadium or Skihi hydraulic car jack mounted on the bulkhead. (I believe the 2 litre also had the Skihi jack)

    Has anyone any experience of stripping and rebuilding the Skihi jack?
    A basic description of what is involved would be most helpful.

    Alternatively, has anyone found a company that can rebuild the jack?

    As ever, all advice gratefully received.


    8 February 2019 at 23:10 #52970

    From the silence I conclude no one has rebuilt a Ski Hi hydraulic bottle jack !

    I have cleaned the jack I have and inspected it. It would seem to be well engineered with plugs that take allen keys and would seem to be straightforward to dismantle.

    Before taking it to a local hydraulic ram refurbishment company I have identified, I decided to top up and bleed the jack with correct hydraulic oil. Topping up is through a plug on the top. I used a syringe to put the oil in as it is a small aperture. With the jack valve open (as if letting down the jack) and actuating the lever up and down at each top up, I managed to get enough oil in to get it to work. Important to check regularly whether the jack is starting to respond to being topped up as you don’t want to overfill it as oil then comes out past the seals when used!

    I jacked up my M45 front end and left it raised for around 4 hrs with no noticeable movement in the jack. This I did several times. So whilst you should never go under a car without axle stands in place, I do conclude the jack is useable for a swift wheel change.

    Hope this inspires someone to have a go with that jack that has sat on the shelf gathering dust for years!

    I am intending to have made the correct SkiHi jack handle from an original sample. If anyone wants a handle please let me know.

    Mark (Y2 in the register)

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