• Bill LG45
    13 March 2016 at 18:44 #51818

    Hi All,
    I am looking for a key for my door / boot lock numbered OO404 and OO300 or the the first two digits could be zeros 00404 and 00300.
    Please does anyone have a similar spare key or blank that my local locksmith could use or have any experience of fitting different lock barrels with more available keys like FS or FT series?
    Any help with this appreciated

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    Richard Branch
    13 March 2016 at 19:55 #51819

    Can’t help specifically Bill but there are several places advertising on the internet that claim to be able to provide classic car keys. Have you tried emailing them your enquiry?

    David Bracey
    14 March 2016 at 02:31 #51820

    Bil, my boot key is an FS 0914 so I’m not sure if the lock was changed or whether it just happens to work with the original lock. I’m happy to post it to you to try.

    Bill LG45
    14 March 2016 at 11:22 #51821

    Thanks for the Prompt responses

    Richard, yes ma going to try a couple of key suppliers that i found in the free autojumble paper I picked up as they look promising but have not had any luck so far with key folk who see to have everything else but….got to say I had never seen this OO series before.

    Thanks for the offer but FS key is later , believe these came in about 1960 . I might well have to change the lock barrel we shall see…

    14 March 2016 at 11:23 #51822

    The FS lock series was made by Union (or at least that is what it says on the key! That series would date to the late 1950s at the earliest, so would not be original to the car. The series goes back to FA, which commenced late 40s/early 50s. It was preceded by MRN, and my V12 has MRN series keys, which are original, as the key numbers match the works record.
    Unfortunately I don’t know when MRN started. Rather bizarrely, Union stamped the key number onto the visible face of the lock barrel, which must have been a bonus for car thieves.
    So Bill, if no key number is stated on the barrel face, it won’t be MRN, and I suspect it might not be Union either.
    I did have, but can’t find now, quite a few non-Union old car keys, I do recollect several were Yale, so that might help.
    As an aside, my 1951 Riley has FA series locks, most of which have been replaced by FS series due to wear. An easy swap, except that the barrel protudes a little, where the FA ones sat flush.
    A source of MRN pattern keys you could try is keys for filing cabinets! Although stamped (from memory) L & F, I suspect they “borrowed” the MRN tooling, as they are a direct fit….no correlation of numbers though.
    It might help to know that, the more worn the lock, the more keys that will work it.

    Bill LG45
    14 March 2016 at 17:08 #51823

    Thanks for the reply Laurence
    I have got numbers stamped on the locks but they are an “OO” series and after some research today it seems these were not made by Union or Wilmot and Breeden but a much smaller manufacturer called “Tenaxit” who also made the “Tenax” fasteners commonly found on MGs and in the boot of Mk VI Bentleys amongst other things. ( Similar to lift the dot but more fancy with a button with a spring instead and still available today as repros. from trimmers like Woolies)
    It seems Tenaxit also supplied doors locks for the Airline MG Coupes but went of of business many moons ago….
    I have found a lock and key chap willing to have a go finding some blanks but he needs the lock barrels which is a hassle so if anyone does have any Tenaxit key blanks it would make life a lot easier and no doubt less costly…..

    14 March 2016 at 23:19 #51824

    You’re welcome. Funnily enough I think I have those fasteners on my LG6 special’s tonneau cover.
    Getting that barrel to the locksmith might be easier than you think? If it’s like my V12, the door handle escutcheon is screwed to the door with two wood screws….so why not simply take the whole handle assembly.
    Alternatively, autojumbles could be your friend for finding original Tenaxit keys, even one that might fit. Could be worth a wanted ad in the VSCC Newsletter, doubtless some member will have some.

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