• Michael Douglas Tuck
    7 June 2023 at 11:06 #62663

    I have the old type grease nipple as shown in spares LUB 1

    I have been using general-purpose grease on the nipples, which is not passing through.

    The handbook says to use thin grease. Can anyone suggest a brand of grease which is thinner but does the job?

    D C W Humphreys
    8 June 2023 at 00:03 #62689

    I dont normally have a problem injecting Castrol LM type grease through the nipple shown for suspension parts.

    When lubricating the chassis, I use Penrite Steering Box Lube which is described as a semi fluid extreme high pressure grease and seems to work quite well.  I use this only to inject into the junction boxes on the side of the chassis as described in the extract from the “instruction book” pasted below….. however everywhere else I use a Castrol LM type grease.

    From the Lagonda Instruction Book (page 3)

    “This lubrication is carried out by means of copper pipes with nipples that conduct solidified oil, which should be of good quality, from the junction box-es on the side of the chassis to the points required, by means of the Tecalemit pressure gun. In dealing with the lubrication of the chassis the word grease gun or grease is used in order to differentiate between oil lubrication, which is used for the engine and gear box and back axle, but has been previously stated, a lubricant of the consistency of gear oil is infinitely preferable to grease, and where the word “grease” appears “solidified oil” is meant.”

    Michael Douglas Tuck
    17 June 2023 at 07:01 #62832

    Hi, Many thanks for your reply.

    I will follow your advice and try your suggestions.

    Thank you.

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