• Peter S30
    23 December 2007 at 17:42 #47088

    A little storry about my sliding roof:

    when I was last driving, windows a little open and the sliding roof almost completely closed, suddenly I heard a short pffft and it was less dark in the car. Looking for my sliding roof it had not moved back but disappeared 😮

    I turned the car as soon as possible and found the sliding roof on the then other side of the street. Warning the next car coming did not help, he probably was stearing on the impressive V12 and not on the road, so he exactly drove over the middle of the sliding roof :help:

    Now I collected the roof, and inspected the damage: it had luckily taken off perfectly from the car, without scratching the top of the car and looked quite good itself after the treatment. The biggest luck probably that nowbody was driving directly behind me :angel:

    I have bent the damaged edge back, glued some small broken wood parts of the frame and you see how it looks now in the attached images. Quite a good quality regarding the treatment it suffered..

    So if you have a siding roof, make shure you have turned the handle so that it is fixed and can not take off 😉

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