• Peter S30
    23 March 2012 at 09:56 #48836

    Does anybody know where to find these chrome strips on the DB3ltr ? I don’t think they were made by Aston Martin Lagonda only for this car. (below the doors is not a single one but simply two, side by side)

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    27 March 2012 at 14:06 #48851

    Peter good afternoon,

    I have checked with Aston Martin in Dorset and Works Service and these chrome strips were seemingly unique to Lagonda. No doubt made in small batches for them, since only ca. 250 3 litre cars made in total.

    There is a possibility that 2 chrome door strips from the upper part of the door, could be cut and braised to size and then re-chromed

    However, and this is the key point, I wonder if the profile might have changed from the 2 door to the 4 door of the chrome strips ?

    I am looking and searching in the UK at the moment.



    27 March 2012 at 15:32 #48852

    Simon and Peter,

    For what it’s worth, personally I doubt that the profile would have changed, but you never know.

    The strips on the 4 door are (obviously) of a different length than either 2 door saloon or DHC. Additional strips adorn the front wings of the 4 door cars too. From memory, some cars are seen with a single strip along the sills etc. but this may be something that was done post build (I don’t have the books to hand and so cannot check).



    27 March 2012 at 19:15 #48853


    I’m glad my memory still functions tolerably well sometimes. The 2 door DB Lagonda saloon sold at the Bonhams auction at Newport Pagnell last year had a single strip along the sill. The DHC depicted in the last brochure produced before the Mark 2 cars arrived is also shown with a single strip. So, the answer may be that you only need one strip per side rather than two Peter.



    27 March 2012 at 19:46 #48854

    Tim useful comments, thank you!

    It does appear that the a number of Mk1 dhc had only 1 strip above the sill, and late 1954 cars and after, have 2 strips, no idea why.

    Peters car has two chrome strips above the sill. Surprisingly not interchangeable from off-side to drivers side, without a little work flaring the ends etc.

    The hard one to find seems to be the upper door chrome strip trim which has a slightly flattened v-shape. This is much longer of course than the standard 4 door, strips, and I strongly suspect that it will be a different profile.

    I am waiting to hear what Aston Dorset come up with, they will call me back in a few days.

    The “Aladdins cave” source has 4-door chrome strips, at a mega price, and he also believes the profile is different; so would need to purchase two pairs to make up two strips; and then change the small strip on the rear of the car to suit as well.

    No doubt, will end up with a strip being custom made in a suitable lenth, to keep a few spares for others who might need it in the future.



    27 March 2012 at 19:55 #48855

    Hi Simon,

    Re the differences, I imagine that it was just as experiment, for some reason, to try production with one strip for a while. Anyway, all very interesting stuff (to me, at least, being more than a bit of a nerd about such things). If they are not interchangeable from side to side, such points to the usual DB experience (whether Aston or Lagonda). All these wonderful cars were hand made and you can often look from one side to the other and notice differences in body panel shape etc. – it all adds to both the charm and the difficulties in restoring them.

    I’m very interested in all that you say about the varying profiles of the strips, being something of which I was quite unaware. I’m going down to the workshop tomorrow to visit my car and will look at these things with renewed fascination.

    By the way, from what you say, it sounds as if you may have found the DB Lagonda for you, now, or have I misunderstood?



    21 May 2012 at 19:58 #49189

    Peter hi,

    I have located chrome strips for the car at Aston Service in Dorset. They have a good number in stock, and can sell you two pieces, which can be braised together (they come from a Mk2 saloon). Most important, these pieces have the correct end shapes you will need to fit this back onto the car door. I wouldn”t be surpirsed if these are slightly different in size for both doors.

    I am assured that both the profile and thickness, and internal channel are the same on both the Mk2 dhc and the 4-door saloon.

    I can also offer a solution of how to refit them back onto the car body. As you may know there is an internal slot running the entire length of the chrome strip, you can possibly use a fitting similar to this .


    I think you will understand what I mean. If you don’t like this approach, you can also use bolts with a square head and chamfered shoulders, which can be slid into each section prior to brasing. These will protude throught the door frame and can be secured in position behind the door card.

    I have a spare strip here where they have used a mixture of the two approaches.


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