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    4 April 2015 at 02:19 #51201

    Some of these posts are quite old, but I may be able to help those trying to find out more about US and Canadian Lagondas especially the post war models. I’m the historian for the Australian Lagonda Group and have records from the UK covering what’s known about the DB cars. Just glancing through, I notice a number having been exported to either the US or Canada, and some with current (so far as known) owners there. In addition, I have a listing, typewritten, of known US Lagondas of all models from 1972, these being US owned at the time but not necessarily originally exported to there. So if you have a query just email me and I’ll pass on what info I have. Most will be aware that many of the factory records were destroyed in the Feltham fire though copies of these, if they survived, are with Aston Service Dorset.

    13 July 2016 at 13:26 #52037

    I see that reviving or replying to older posts doesn’t seem to be too frowned upon here. I hope so as this is my first post. There were 3 or 4 db 3l cars sold in the US on ebay some years ago. ( at least they were the ones I spotted – likely there were more ) There were a couple of 4 door saloons minus engines and gearboxes from memory. More interestingly, there was one coupe and one DHC sold there too. The coupe had a severely damaged turret because it had taken a tree in about the centre of the roof during a storm. The damage was more severe on the left side and the roof was right down to ( or close to ) the top of the left door. That car was the sort of red / burgundy colour and looked to have likely been a running car prior to the damage from the photographs. This would have been around 1999 I think. The DHC came up a while later. It was grey and looked pretty down at the heel but not a basket case by any means. It was grey and was missing the left front guard or certainly most of it. The cars were both bought by the same person in South America. I regret not keeping the ID of the buyer but I wonder if these are cars you may have knowledge of ? There were also another couple of 4 door saloons advertised elsewhere in the US but again incomplete. One was at a site called “bring a trailer” and I think that ad can still be viewed. regards, Graham.

    15 July 2016 at 01:22 #52043

    The Lagonda owners club have pretty good records of the post war DB Lagondas on a continuously updated database, Always worthwhile giving Valerie or Colin Bugkler a call.

    In terms of build sheets for the DB cars, they are all available from Aston Service, Dorset.

    If you want more information on any models, then you are welcome to look at either of my sites.

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