• John Ossenfort
    25 May 2009 at 21:09 #47571

    I am in need of a new rubber coupling for the 4.5L dynamo – Spares only has 2L.
    Also, does anyone have a source for Luvax shock absorbers – the ones on mine
    were replaced with tubular shocks some time ago.
    Any hints for either of these would be welcome. More parts will probably be
    required as my rebuild proceeds and I discover EXACTLY what’s missing. (For
    instance, I think I’m missing interior door handles and window winders – unless
    they’re in another box)!

    John Ossenfort
    Arizona, USA
    1936 LG45 S1

    5 June 2009 at 10:31 #47579

    Hi John,

    These are RARE. Mine too had been replaced with telescopic as have many. I got hold of some a few years back but only after a long time searching.
    Try Alan Brown, you may be lucky – in the club register, or Stevson Motors http://www.stevsonmotors.co.uk/home.htm (UK) one of the few specialists who restores them and sometimes can help acquire them, or put you on his list. I know he scoures autojumbles – Beaulieu etc (or did a few years ago). You will need the right arms and linkages too as unless they have come off a Lagonda the ones they come with (if any) will be wrong. Front and back arms are different but linkages are the same. Links and arms would be possible to have manufactured/cast. If yours is an S1 it wouldn’t have the torsion bar between the rear shocks I imagine? Mine is an S4 and does. I think there are other differences in the set up of earlier LG45s as well. Alan Brown should be able to advise if in doubt.

    Hope this helps. Sorry not to be more positive.

    David Eldred

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