• Peter S30
    15 December 2007 at 16:50 #47063

    Some remarks after 10 days Lagondaforum:

    thank you for all the positive feedback and all discussion and remarks. I especially enjoyed that it seems to help Lagonda friends (e.g. to find a magneto for a 2 Litre)

    when you post something, please check if it fits to the topic (e.g. do not search for a gearbox in the topic “congratulations”)

    if there is no good topic, you simply can create a new one, you do not only have to reply to ongoing conversations

    please only one topic in one post (e.g. do not combine a statement about an event with a search for help on ignition coils)

    you can edit your own posts (correct them, add something or delete them)

    everybody remains free to register with his real name or any user name if you do not want to be recognized

    if somebody wants to change his username, please send the desired new user name in a PM (personal message) to me, Peter Schirg, I will change it for you

    this is not a secret forum, e.g if somebody searches information about “Lagonda V12 jackall system” in google, he will find the forum

    from time to time we will try to improve the structure of the forum and may move a post or a topic (don’t be surprised if your post has moved)

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