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    Everyone with a 4.5L will know the importance of putting a sock into the radiator header tank to collect sludge. On my car the sock is pushed up into the header tank using a curved wire and held in place between the top rad hose and the radiator cast pipe by the upper jubilee clip securing the hose. I guess everyone is similar?

    However, despite trying nylon socks and thin ladies pop socks, I have found it very difficult to overcome a small but annoying loss of coolant from where the sock is clamped between top casting and rubber hose.

    Is this just the way I am fitting the sock arrangement, the wrong type of sock, or do others have this issue? Is there a way to overcome this or alternatively an engineering based solution that does away with the sock?

    Suggestions gratefully received.

    Thank you

    22 February 2016 at 18:43 #51762

    Use one of the “top hat” gauze filters from the Club. Much more reliable than a sock. If the sock bursts your radiator is in trouble !
    There was a discussion about this on the Forum about 12-18 months ago I think.

    22 February 2016 at 21:43 #51763

    Thanks Bill,
    I cannot find any top hat filters in the Club spares catologue.

    The previous forum discussion on this topic is

    I am not sure the commercially available in line conical filters will be as effective as a sock. On the LG45 they would have to ‘face up hill’ inside the top radiator hose. I think ideally something that sits in the radiator top tank would be best.

    However, I would be most interested to hear from any sock users as to whether they also have a loss of coolant from where the sock is sandwiched between the top casting and the hose under the jubilee clip? It may be as simple as using 2 jubilee clips which I may yet try

    David Bracey
    22 February 2016 at 22:24 #51764

    I’ve been running my car with a conical Gano filter for the last year and not had any problems. http://www.ganofilters.com

    Just in case it is of interest.

    23 February 2016 at 09:16 #51765

    I may be wrong about the club spares although I was fairly certain that is where I bought mine some years ago. The alternative is David Ayre at prewarcarparts as I know he also used to sell them.
    I have used the top hit gauze filter in preference to a sock for 20+ years now. It does need to be cleaned out every 2 years or so but the advantage is that you know it needs to be cleaned as the car starts to run a bit hotter ! With a sock you never get any warning that it is about to burst or even has done so.
    Just to be clear, the brass top hat type filter sits inside the top tank not inside the hose. The flange of the filter is trapped between the radiator top face and the aluminium top casting.
    I have used the top hat type gauze filter on my 3 litre, M45 and now LG45.
    If you cant get the top hat type then I would use the conical one. Your radiator is too important to risk !!

    23 February 2016 at 20:43 #51766

    Thank you for all the helpful replies.
    David Ayre tells me he has not stocked the top hat filter for many years and his supplier has now retired. So no luck there.
    I appreciate the risk with a sock bursting but I think that is highly unlikely on my engine. I change the antifreeze every two years and renew the sock. Over 10 years ago I had significant amounts of sludge in the first sock I used but very little since.
    The conical filter is a quality product. However, I do not have a lot of space in between the respective water pipe castings that the top hose joins so is not an option unless I shorten the castings to get the filter into the hose.

    Looks like I will have to investigate making a top hat filter or find a sock that seals under the jubilee clip!

    Thanks again

    24 February 2016 at 09:08 #51768

    Although I bought the top hat filter for my LG45 I made the one on my M45. it is not too difficult. You can use brass gauze or stainless gauze. I think that stainless makes a better job although you will have to silver solder it all together as lead solder would not “take” to the stainless.

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