• DavidLG45
    28 July 2009 at 06:52 #47608

    Does anyone know how the exhaust system was originally?

    According to contemporary diagrams there was a box at the bottom of the down pipe and two further back. Does anyone had any photos, sizes, fixing positions etc?


    Colin M34
    28 July 2009 at 07:53 #47609

    There is indeed a box at the bottom of the exhaust down pipe. The output comes off at right angles. My first LG 45 had one like this. It was quite heavy, and one day there was a clonk as it became detached from the down pipe while I was driving. The noise was deafening! Fortunately I found a bit of wire to pull it back up into position and a new clip was all that was required to fix it back. Perhaps this is why people remove them.

    The M45 does not have this arrangement and presumably it was put on the LG to reduce the engine roar. Sadly, I can’t remember what the rest of the exhaust was like but my car is still around and the new owner may let you take a look at it.

    Also, Alan Brown may be able to advise.

    Colin M34

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