• Mike Heins
    19 February 2009 at 19:39 #47528

    Hi Everyone.
    I am in desperate need of some HELP.
    My 1929 2 litre high chassis has developed a fault where it won’t start in cold weather. It is fitted with the original Zenith carb which I have stripped/re-assembled and can find no fault. I have previously stripped and checked the Ki-gas pump using articles from Lag mags and info obtained from this site. The pump certainly forces fuel out when set-up on a test rig.
    Whilst I have owned my car for many years and have rebuilt the engine I have never had the inlet manifold off or taken the pieces which screw into the inlet manifold apart as I could not get the small chrome plated brass nuts on the input pipe and the link pipe to undo. The manifold has 2 pipe connections.
    I would like to establish exactly what the pieces that are threaded into the manifold consist of. I have always assumed there is some form of small jet and when fuel is forced through, it forms a type of spray. Is this correct?
    If not how does it work and what do the components consist of.
    I have looked through several motoring books but not been able to find anything about the manifold end only the actual pump operation.
    I intend to strip the inlet manifold in the near future but though some might be able to give me some guidance!!!
    Many Thanks

    Colin M34
    19 February 2009 at 22:28 #47529

    Hi Mike,

    First question is…does your 1929 car have a choke on the Zenith carb? I have a lovely unit on the dash of ny 1927 HC 2 Litre which used to operate the Zenith Carb and which I still use to choke my SUs. So i’m not sure if your Ki-gas is original – it may be.

    The manifold connections consist of a vacum take-off for the Autovac and the Ki-gas connection. The larger of the two connections is for the Autovac.

    Colin M34

    Mike Heins
    20 February 2009 at 13:08 #47530

    Hi Colin,
    Thanks for the info.
    The choke mechanism you refer to was an optional extra and it was not fitted to my car. There is however the standard choke strangler which when rotated by pulling a lever on dash causes the air flow to be reduced thus make the mixture richer.
    The current starting problem has only occurred over the last 18 months and the setup has not been changed therefore I do have a problem somewhere. it is just a question of finding it!
    You are correct that there is a take off for the Autovac and on my car 2 connectors which go to the ki gas pump outlet.

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