• Paul Nickalls
    12 December 2007 at 23:17 #47032

    I think it would make things much easier If people would use their full name instead of some code. I do know of one VSCC member who said that it would be much easier if people had chassis numbers but some people have more than one chassis so this would be confusing.
    I agree with Julian Messent about people in the car business making this known. Maybe they should add this as a signature in their posts. This should help avoid conflicts of interest which have a bad history with Lagondas.

    Peter S30
    13 December 2007 at 07:27 #47034

    I fully agree, I propose to see if there are objections against it.

    I also wonder about comments on whether all posts should be readable without logging in which it is now (see my respective post)

    13 December 2007 at 11:07 #47035

    My opinion, too!
    Paul Linster

    13 December 2007 at 12:26 #47036

    Fine by me but user names usually have to be unique so what do you do if you get two members with the same name? Presumably the sign up process will reject the second one when they try to register?
    Perhaps real names could go in the list of members as a required field for anyone to see? Or automatically be inserted at the end of a post perhaps?
    David Eldred

    13 December 2007 at 13:56 #47038

    I am curious about this one. I don’t really see why people should be required to use their name on any Internet forum. Of course, I understand and accept the short point that is being made about the spectre of conflicts of interest arising. But, surely a more important point is about personal privacy etc.. I have used the AMOC forum for many years now and this issue has caused problems on a number of occassions. There are unscrupulous, and even criminal, elements ‘out there’ who trawl fora lookng for information that they can trade in or abuse. In any event, even if this were not the case, isn’t there also a perfectly proper point to be made about personal liberty?

    Just my two pence worth.


    Peter S30
    13 December 2007 at 17:26 #47041

    what about this:
    every user is free to use his real name or just his fist name or a totally “anonymous name” (nice contradiction) but add his club member number (S30 for me). assuming that most in this forum if not all will be club members and only club members would be able to know who is posting if he is called “Peter S30”.

    please also comment on my post “forum open to non registered users” under “ideas and problems”

    Tim Wadsworth
    13 December 2007 at 21:13 #47045

    I have never been able to see the problem. Why not just simply say who we are? I anyone is worried that information he/she is posting could be used for ill intent – don’t post it. You can always use the “Private Message” facility. However I do think the site should be restricted to Club members and their membership number validated when they first log on. (I can’t think of any reason why a Lagonda owner would not wish to be a Club Member) I also think that if a member is offering parts or help as a trader rather than an individual then they should make this clear.

    Paul Nickalls
    14 December 2007 at 00:37 #47046

    Good idea but we also need to make provision for Rapier Register members who do not belong to the Lagonda club.

    14 December 2007 at 11:13 #47047

    OK, some further thoughts – particularly in answer to Tim W’s points:

    “If anyone is worried that information he/she is posting could be used for ill intent – don’t post it.”

    The issue here, amongst others, is the mere fact of advertising that such and such a person owns a valuable car. Unless one can’t identify the individual from the posting, or across a number of postings, posters will be vulnerable.

    “I do think the site should be restricted to Club members and their membership number validated when they first log on.”

    Do you really want to do this? How about promoting interest in Lagonda motor cars in general and in joining the Club? One of the reasons that I think that Peter’s idea is so good is because there was a dire need for ‘things Lagonda’ to have a discrete interactive internet presence. If this forum is not open to anyone who might log on, at least in part, there will be no ‘out reach’, as the Americans say. On the AMOC website there are a number of public and member-only sections. It seems to work very well and the site is probably the most successful run by a car club on the net.

    “I can’t think of any reason why a Lagonda owner would not wish to be a Club Member.”

    I found myself on a train the other day, chatting to a chap and his wife who had just attended a VIP reception at AM’s factory at Gaydon (as had I). It turned out that he had had a classic Aston for some 8 years (and also that he was a shadow front bench politician – no, I didn’t recognise him :crazy: ). He was not a member of the AMOC because, he said, he did not undestand what might be in it for him. I signed him up after an hour’s chat! The short point here is that it may be obvious to you why you are a member of the LC. But, others may hold a different view, though some of them can be turned as my anecdote demonstrates.


    14 December 2007 at 12:12 #47048

    I must say I agree with Tim (TVJL) on this. Why restrict general users. Most fora require registration/login to post but not just to view. If necessary certain areas can have restricted access, but this forum is not an actual ‘club’ is it. The use of actual or anonymous names should be up to the user. Commercial posters can soon be recognised.
    The AMOC forum is an excellent example. You might even compare it to my own meagre effort which is open to all except spammers..

    Roger Ivett

    Colin M34
    14 December 2007 at 13:07 #47049

    Dear All,

    You may be interested to know that as part of my Day Job I am interested in what is happening regarding Internet security, privacy etc. I attend and speak at meetings and conferences round the world on this topic – (over the last 12 months I have been to Hong Kong,San Francisco, Washington, Nice) and am a member of a a group called the Liberty Alliance http://www.project-liberty.org/ which is concerned with this. Also deliverables from the EU 6th framework are now available and have some interesting elements regarding ‘trust’ and ‘privacy’. As well as e-goverment, these are relevant to car club members because identity theft can take place with cars as well as people. Watch this space and if anyone wants discuss this with further, contact me direct.


    PS the tool for this site is a beta version.

    14 December 2007 at 13:48 #47050

    Roger & Colin,

    Roger, we are agreed then. 😀

    Colin, thank you for your sage advice, with which I would like to associate myself. BTW, the AMOC fora are Google-proof, I believe, although the whole site is not i.e. if you post in the diary of coming events Google can find you!

    Tim L

    Tim Wadsworth
    14 December 2007 at 21:30 #47056

    Personally I am delighted to be identified as a Lagonda owner (wear the sweat shirt) and it’s difficult to see how anyone who uses their Lagonda(s) in any meaningful way could not be identified one way or another. Obviously one takes sensible precautions but if you keep your car locked up and no one knows you have it, then I doubt you are the sort of person who would participate in the forum. Having said that perhaps we should encourage members to use their own names but not make it mandatory. Like wise as this is not an official Club forum I take the point that it should be as all inclusive as possible. I do actually know owners who are not members (I’m working on them!) but some people have so many different vintage cars that if they joined every club they would be drowned in paper. So it’s probably better to leave it as it is.

    15 December 2007 at 10:53 #47058

    Type “Lagonda forum” in Google and it appears on page 6. Not very impressive, but it’s there. So clearly Google’s spider has visited – the weblogs would reveal when.
    If you want to keep spiders out it’s not Google you need to worry about. Easy enough to keep Google out if you want to (a bit late now though). It’s the not so reputable that are the problem.

    Peter S30
    15 December 2007 at 16:42 #47062

    Thank you for all the comments on identity, conclusion is: if you want to stay unrecognized use an invented username, if you want to change it, please send me a message (PM) with the desired new one and we change it for you.
    This site is public on the internet, also found by search engines, Google was the fastest, so if somebody searches for Lagonda information we are discussing here, he may find it. So don’t discuss things that shall stay secret.

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