• Mike Baggott
    28 March 2021 at 18:48 #43597

    Having had success from the forum with advice on gearbox oil, I have another question for the Club members.
    I have seen a wanted ad. from Andrew Tellez for “the large round cylinder which connects to the Carb. air box”.
    I also require this part. A previous owner threw this away to replace it with two seperate circular mesh filters. I have the lower unit that connects to the carbs but not the large cylindrical filter case.
    I have the facility and some tin work skills to make a copy. What I require is a working drawing with dimensions including a longitudinal cross section. Also how does the filter work? Is it filled with oil coated mesh or is there a paper or sponge filter inside.
    Over to you – please help. However if you have a spare this would also be of interest,Cost?

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