• Graham Mackereth
    6 November 2022 at 22:02 #58714

    I have an M45 with a Borg and Beck Clutch, and whilst having a new clutch fitted earlier this year, had a new withdrawal bearing fitted. After about 1000 miles this seems to now be a loose bearing and plenty of bronze swarf and a squawk when engaging first!

    The grease nipple also rotates around the bottom of the bearing, making it impossible to grease with my gun and attachments.

    I’m also hearing they have a known problem, which presumably I have encountered.

    Anybody know of a cure?

    D R Hine
    7 November 2022 at 13:11 #58716

    It sounds as though the set up has broken

    it must have been spinning all the time and not fully released

    unfotunatly  the engine needs lifting out to get the bell housing off
    you will then be able to properly see what’s going on

    regards David

    Graham Mackereth
    8 November 2022 at 19:55 #58718

    Thanks David, I expected that the engine would have to come out again.

    I don’t think the nipple can spin. It seems to rotate around the bottom, so if 0 degrees is top then it can move from about 105 degrees under the shaft to the equivalent position on the other side at 255 degrees. I’ve had a piece of cord on it to try to pull it upright and pulled pretty hard.

    Is there a known problem with these conversions and if so do you know of a solution?

    Many thanks

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