Car Type M35 & M35R
Date in Production 1934
Number Sold 81
How many exist today? 25

Technical Details

Track Rear 4ft 9¼in
Track Front 4ft 10in
Length Tourer 15ft 7 in
Wheelbase 10ft 3in
Kerb Weight Chassis 27cwt (1372kg); Tourer 32.5cwt (1651kg); Saloon 35.5cwt (1804kg)
RAC Rating
Engine Manufacturer Lagonda
Type 6 cylinder in line, pushrod overhead valves
Firing Order 1, 5, 3, 6, 2, 4
Carburettor. Twin SUs
Bore X Stroke 80 x 120mm
Ignition Magnito
Displacement 3619cc
Fuel System SU type L electric pump
Gearbox Silent third Z type gearbox
Coolant water pump fan, temperature managed by thermostat which controlled the radiator slats
Specific Output 88bhp at 3,000rpm


The 3½ Litre, which used the M45 Rapide chassis, slightly simplified, and a bored out version of the 3 Litre engine, now 80 mm bore giving 3619 cc. For this model the Lagonda Z gearbox was entirely adequate in its latest “silent third” guise. The bodies were exactly the same as for the Rapide but the smaller car lacked some details and fitments.

1934 had been a good year for sales, about 250 Rapiers and 200 or so M45s plus about 50 16/80s and 3 Litres, but nevertheless the company was running perilously close to financial disaster.

Then disaster. The government brought in the 30 mph speed limit in built up areas and overnight nobody wanted a sports car. Sales tapered off and the bank, as debenture holders, panicked and called in a Receiver at Easter 1935


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