This is the official site of the Lagonda Club,

The Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in this famous marque, particularly those who own a Lagonda, or a car powered by the 2 Litre Crossley engine or the 4.5 Litre Meadows engine such as the Invicta.

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Membership costs £47.00 GBP per annum (April 1st to March 31st), plus a one-off £25.00 GBP joining fee.You can opt to purchase a Newsletter Supplement and receive hard copies of our newsletter by post.  This supplement costs £18 per year for UK Members and £35 per year for members outside the UK.

The quarterly Magazine will be sent to all members by post (airmail to all non-UK members). Registrations made between October and April will be charged at half the membership cost.