This is the official site of the Lagonda Club,

The Club welcomes anyone who has an interest in this famous marque, particularly those who own a Lagonda, or a car powered by the 2 Litre Crossley engine or the 4.5 Litre Meadows engine such as the Invicta.

Choose from the options below to join the Lagonda Club or take a tour

Standard Membership costs £47.00 GBP per annum (April 1st to March 31st), plus a one-off £20.00 GBP joining fee. Alternatively, you can opt for Premium Membership which costs £64.00 GBP per annum (April 1st to March 31st) plus a one-off £20.00 GBP joining fee.

The difference between Standard and Premium Membership is that as a Premium member you will receive the Club’s monthly (except for December) Newsletter by post, whilst as a Standard member you will simply receive an email informing you that the Newsletter is available on the Club’s website, whence it may be downloaded if you wish.

The quarterly Magazine will be sent to all members by post (airmail to all non-UK members). Registrations made between October and April will be charged at half the membership cost.