• malladyne
    9 November 2009 at 11:50 #47657

    Visiting friends in Olney this past weekend, I was fortunate to find in an antique shop a beautiful water colour of a Lagonda DHC travelling at speed through what appears to be the Yorkshire Dales. Although presently an Aston Martin owner, I have long been very attracted to Lagondas and would like to identify the model in the picture, which is entitled “Lagonda at speed”. In case the picture is known to Lagonda enthusiasts already, first of all here are some superficial details – To my untutored eyes it looks like an long wheel base LG6 drophead and the top is lowered. The screen is folded flat over the unlouvred bonnet and the car ( painted black with a long tapered red stripe on its sides )is driven by a man in a flat tweed cap, who is accompanied by a bare headed, short haired woman. The view of the car shows its front and near side, which has no exhuast pipes emanating from it, but is heavily louvred. It has full wing bodywork and no spats on the rear wheels. The car is fitted with full headlamps/driving lamps and airhorns with a single lamp between the horns. The headlamps are mounted on a stout chromed bar. It also has a heavy chromed front bumper. I was also surprised to see that the passenger door (at least) has a pronounced tapered cut out along its top. I believe this to be unusual in Lagondas, is it not ?
    It would appear to be a four seater. Any help identify this model would be much appreciated. I bought the picture. I’d have bought it anyway, but the shopowner stating that he could recognise a Lagonda owner anywhere did much to clinch the sale. To my eternal shame I felt unable to disabuse him of that notion; although tweedily dressed for the country, as I was, I did at least FEEL like a Lagonda owner ! Thanks for any assistance.

    Peter S30
    10 November 2009 at 10:06 #47658

    Dear malladyne, you should upload an image: you can log in, go to edit your post, go to Manage Attachements, and upload the electronic image (try to save it compressed to save space, 100kB can be very good quality)

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