• Barry Brown
    1 October 2011 at 11:47 #48499

    I have relaced and trued all of my M45 wheels and would now like to torque each spoke alike to the correct inch/pound spec. Can anyone please provide me with this info?

    John Stubbs
    9 October 2011 at 17:24 #48509

    I ain’t never heard of torqueing spokes…
    Torque measurements are used to maintain a desired tension in a screw fitting – so that (a) it won’t come undone, retaining the clamping load, and (b) residual tension reduces stress reversals which otherwise cause metal fatigue. It’s really a pretty poor substitute for direct tension measurement, mainly because there can be so much friction in the threads and mating faces that are unknown varibles greatly affecting the end result. Hence highly safety-critical applications use eg. strain-gauged bolts.

    In the case of wheel spokes, the friction of the nut on the rim cup will certainly be a random variable. Wheel builders invariably work partly by feel, and checking finally by sound. Hence when set up and running true, the spokes should all give much the same ‘ring’ tone when tapped – none pinging too taut, definitely none going ‘clunk’.


    Barry Brown
    9 January 2014 at 12:47 #50610

    Motorcycle spokes can be torqued with a special torque wrench although I have only recently become aware of this. I borrowed one of these tools and found it easy to use . I have been “torquing” motorcycle spokes by the old fashioned feel and sound method for 40 years but now will by the special wrench to do the final truing on my M45 wheels. I will obtain the torque spec from Buchanans Los Angeles who supplied me with the spokes.

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