• Peter S30
    30 May 2008 at 06:41 #47359

    Hi all,

    I am looking for sources for the necessary parts for rebuilding my engine: wet liners, pistons, sprocket gears, gasket set, may be more.

    The motor is now at a specialist workshop (Peter Bazille, B&F Touring Garage). I will know soon if the wet liners that are now in the motor can be reused. I was told the absolute minimum wall thickness is 3mm. But they have to pull them out and measure first.

    Pistons can be remade at Mahle Stuttgart (good quality, accepatable prices, long delivery) but may be there are standard ones available.

    The chain has big play on the sprockets so the sprocket gears have to be replaced

    I have a new head gasket, are there gasket sets for all the rest available or do I have to make or have them made ?

    I will ask e.g. Aston Service Dorset, thank you for advice where/whom else to ask

    Peter S30
    5 June 2008 at 08:17 #47360

    some answers to my search for suppliers of spare parts, I will update this post if more info received:

    1) Tim Stamper, Penrith, tel 01768 899505. (parts for Feltham Astons DB2-MKIII) sent a 24 page list, including alternative dimensions for liners and pistons and pistons either forged or diecast

    2) Aston Service Dorset, tel. 021202 574727, http://www.aston-service.co.uk sent me a 2 page list

    3) Head Shop, Warrington, tel 01925 851177, http://www.astonmartinparts.co.uk : list with about 25 items received

    did not do any price comparison but this is difficult annyway not knowing the quality

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