• Jaunty
    11 January 2018 at 16:06 #52629

    I have recently re-joined the Club and still have the M35R that I restored in the 1980s. But I have sold my Veteran 1904 Cadillac Model B and have my 1910 Sheffield-Simplex LA2 up for sale too.

    I like the idea of buying a Veteran Lagonda (e.g. 1918 or earlier) for use in VCC events.

    Anyone know of one such for sale?

    Richard Branch
    11 January 2018 at 17:17 #52630

    Welcome back Jaunty. I don’t have any ideas on cars for sale but if you are on Facebook it would also be worth joining the Lagonda Owners Group and asking there. There’s a very active group of Lagonda people there. Rgds Rich…

    p.s. found this at what looks like a reasonable estimate but at 1921 I guess it’s too new?


    Colin M34
    17 January 2018 at 16:38 #52634

    Hi Jaunty,

    There are a small handful of pre WW1 11.1s which would be eligible for VCC events and do not know any on the market. If you want one of the Edwardian cars you will have to go to Russia and be told that they were all scrapped in the 1920s!

    The Gary Hanson car is definitely post WW1. It is also a little charmer and you would be assured of a friendly welcome at Lagonda Club and VSCC light car events. I knew the car was for sale but had not seen the advert.


    18 January 2018 at 23:54 #52639

    The Lagonda 11.9 advertised for sale via the carandclassic website has sold. It is an advert for the auction in November last year that can still be viewed but has not been updated.

    Finding a veteran (1918 or earlier) Lagonda for sale is a long shot. Most of the very few cars that meet this criteria have been in the same families for many many years and will likely be passed on to the next generation. As for the early London to Brighton eligible Tricars, well perhaps 2 or 3 survive? There is a Lagonda Club member who visits Russia on business and has encouraged a local car enthusiast to research the pre WW1 Lagonda’s sold to Russia. Much has been discovered about the reliability trials they took part in and the dealerships that existed in Moscow and St Petersburg….but no surviving cars. I still dream that one will be found in a remote farm one day!

    That said, the 11.9 and 12/24 models (1919 to 1925) do come up for sale occasionally. After a few years where none have appeared on the market, three have changed hands this past year which is around 30% of UK survivors. The basic design of these cars dates from 1913 and they are charming cars to drive. So unless the VCC link is essential, I recommend keeping a look out for a one of these early Lagonda’s. Ownership of an early car is an exclusive part of the Lagonda Club!

    Good look in your search

    Best Regards

    Bill LG45
    19 January 2018 at 11:26 #52640

    Hi Jaunty
    If you look at VandP cars webs site ( Richard Biddulph) they do have a Lagonda tricar which is advertised as London to Brighton eligble, it is wearing a VCC dating plate but you would want to be sure about that as it’s eligibility for the London to Brighton with have a large impact on it’s value…..BUT it is at a big price! ?130k.
    They have however had it listed for a long time, no surprise at that price….
    Good luck with your search
    Bill 🙂

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