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    24 February 2019 at 10:28 #52988

    Both now off the car, and I want to remove the mounting brackets. There are bolts at the outer extremeties of these which engage in a large pin in the end scroll of the blade. None of these show any sign of unscrewing, using moderate force. Perhaps not too surprising given their exposed position and that they have probably remained untouched since the car was built.

    I’d very much prefer to undo these without shearing them. So, has anyone any tips as to encouraging them to unscrew?

    Are the domed caps fitted to these bumper end scrolls simply an interference/push fit?


    15 March 2019 at 10:58 #52999

    Well, no-one shared their knowledge here, so perhaps I’m the first to attempt these extremes of bumper dismantling. Fortunately I can now answer my own question.

    It may have helped that I dismantled these with the bumpers dismounted from the car, and laying flat. This would have relieved the end scroll bolts of the not inconsiderable weight of the bumper blades.

    I sprayed freeing oildown the sides of the bolts under their heads, twice.leaving it to soak in a day or so each time. With just 4 bolts to unscrew, I found that I needed 3 different spanner sizes to undo them! Two of those bolts had the wrong thread. Whatever, as with any tight fitting, ensure you use a close or tight fitting spanner or socket, to save rounding the head. Despite my concern, all four bolts undid relatively easily. In fact, at least one fitting still showed signs of grease, evidence of considerate reassembly by the previous reassembler … even if he did use the wrong bolts.

    With the mounting brackets out the way I could now see the inner surface of the bumper end caps, and no evidence of a thread, so assumed an interference fit. I used the tapered ends of a pair of 18″ tyre levers, and the handle of a 1/2″ ratchet drive as a fulcrum, as close to the end scroll as possible. The end of the scroll is cut away for the mounting bar, and this cut edge provides a perfect surface to lever against. Even using 18″ levers, it took a substantial push on the end to uncurl the scroll fractionally enough to relieve their grip on the caps. I was able to pull one out fairly easily, the others needed a bit of help with a thin bladed screwdriver to start them moving. I had to be very careful with one, as I could see the bumper blade was cracked right through from one bolt hole to the upper edge of the blade. So I kept an eye on the crack as I levered, and fortunately saw no movement/opening of the crack. Incidentally, these caps consist of a fairly thin steel pressing, covered on the visible surface by a swaged on cap of very thin stainless steel. So do not attempt driving these out with a punch; the result would undoubtedly be an unwelcome blemish.

    So there you have it; how to fully dismantle your bumpers!


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