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    27 March 2018 at 15:54 #52701

    I have an S2 car which came with some tools including the valve spring compressor. I have a couple of unidentified tools one is a flat bar with a male square one end and a female square on the other end. There is also a small round tool with an angled pointed end and a brass collar. It is similar to an RR tool for retaining the valve while changing the valve Spring with the head on. I will try and attach pictures. Also is there a list of tools in any of the handbook supplements? Was there an updated handbook produced for S2 cars as the only ones I have seen picture an S1 engine.
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    28 March 2018 at 11:01 #52704

    Hi Charles,

    Wow, unusual for a car to still have at least the major part of its original tools. I suspect a major factor in its survival is that lovely fitted tool case. On Lagonda’s own coachwork, tools were in the dummy wheelcase on the NSF wing, some in a tool roll and some in stitched rexine pockets held to the opening “lid”. The flat bar tool is for undoing the filler and drain plugs on the rear axle. There is indeed a list of “Tool Kit” contents, on page 2 of the factory handbook. Let me know if you’d like a scanned copy.

    I managed to buy a tool roll which included some of the tools; fortuitously, most of these tools are actually stamped “WAR FINISH”, perfect for my December 1940 registered V12. Are yours similarly marked? Most of the tools are of “Shelley” manufacture.

    Sounds like you have the almost mythical “…further valve holding tool should it be necesary to change the valve springs without removing the cylinder head.”. This is only mentioned in the handbook text, and bizarrely but typically, not included in the said Tool Kit list!

    I’d be very grateful if you could email me photos of your tools, and if practicable specific photos of the valve spring compressor and special tool. Also if you have it, of the water pump impeller withdrawer (annoyingly I had one made up but it has disappeared!)


    5 April 2018 at 19:58 #52719

    I can email you the pictures of the tools. I don’t think I have the water pump impeller removal tool. Do you have a picture or sketch of it?. I would love a scanned copy of the tool list pending acquiring a hand book.

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