• Peter S30
    16 February 2011 at 07:40 #48066

    Ernst Chalupa is restoring a V12 engine for a customer. One problem: the distributors are missing.

    The information I have is from my car:
    The distributors have a plate “Delco Remy, Made In England, London”. The right one is designated 647 LA and turns clockwise, the left one is designated 647 KA and turns anti-clockwise (image attached)

    Some time ago I posted also the information about the contact breakers: right side DR-2437XP = part no. 1924499 (also used in 53-56 buick V8, 46-48 Cadillac, 55-56 Chevy 8, 55 Corvette)
    left side DR-2236XP = part no. 1871678 (also used in 40-50 olds 6, 40-53 Pontiac 6, 51-54 Kaiser, 50 Studebaker 6 and 50-60 Studebaker truck). You find them at very reasonable prices on ebay USA
    Rotor finger: DR-158 you also find it cheap ebay. The DR means Delco Remy.

    Delco distributors 647 “D” or other letters are used on some of the above US cars.

    Who knows more about the distributors, do you have the same type in your V12, do you know in which other car they have been used ?

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    16 February 2011 at 18:45 #48067

    Hi Peter,

    Unfortunately I have no info as to whether these particular distributors were used in other vehicles. 647KA & 647LA are the correct fitments. Years ago I bought an unused 647GB at an autojumble, which I believe was for a Leyland Cub. More recently I bought an unused 647FF, which is the opposite rotation to the 647GB. They both have vacuum advance, & I strongly suspect the only difference to those on the V12 will be the advance springs and associated weights. I’m hoping I can swap new parts into my units from these, eventually.
    The guy who rebuilt my engine usually fits modern replacement distributors, but they look nothing like the original ones. From recollection the caps are bright red, so look dreadful, but I suppose originality is less important with V12 Le Mans replicas.
    Incidentally, don’t assume anything 647– will do; I believe some Delco 4 sector distributors are also 647 models!

    7 July 2012 at 10:19 #49399

    On my 3.4 and 3.8 Jaguars I have been using 123 Ignition distributors from Holland with very impressive results. In discussions with them it would seem the Jaguar distributor fits the V12 and and as they have both rotations available I was wondering if I should fit them on my car. The advance curve is variable and being all electronic certain models can be interfaced with a laptop. Does anybody have exprience of electronic distributors on V12’s

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