• Barry Brown
    30 June 2013 at 01:39 #50249

    I need to remove one of the rear backing plates to weld it. It looks like it is located with two steel pins. Can someone please advise on whether these can be punched or should be drilled out. Hopefully they are not tapered, possibly designed to never be removed .
    Well today I managed to get the unit more or less into my bead blast cabinet and cleaned it up . I now see that there are 4 locating pins. I think it is probably wise to give it a go and weld the plate in situ as I am sure the flange is either sweated or pressed on and then pinned, of course located in a jig when Lagonda assembled it. The trick will be to get enough preheat into such a large casting.
    Does anyone know if Lagonda made their own crown and pinion for the M45? just curious.

    Barry Brown
    9 January 2014 at 12:39 #50609

    In case anyone is interested I removed and repaired the backing plate. It was located by 4 threaded pins ( basically bolts with heads cut off!) Moving along at a glacial pace. 🙂

    9 January 2014 at 20:35 #50614

    As no-one else has replied; yes, Lagondas built their own rear axles at this time, so the cw&p would have been made “in house”. That same rear axle carried on right through to the LG6, being beefed up as the cars got heavier and heavier.
    The V12 used a Salisbury hypoid rear axle, with much fanfare that this allowed the bodywork to sit lower…..only for the LG6 to use the identical chassis (but longer as the Meadows 6 cylinder was longer than the V12 engine), but retaining the old Lagonda rear axle. Work that one out.

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