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    26 August 2011 at 13:10 #48473

    Are there any guide-lines to give when re-setting rear springs. I have an old sketch from Peter Whenman which indicated
    7″ — 7 1/2″ from a line between the centre of the two shackles to the centre of the top leaf. But then he added “but it’s all trial and error”. My recollection was that the body sat too high and there was too much bounce so AKVR re-set them but I don’t know what dimensions.

    I also have inherited some un-labelled data sheets whereby on a sheet numbered ’24’ it gives a dimension of 6 3/4″ – 7″

    Finally, any particular company reccommended. On my HRG I have always had excellent service from Fenix (in Devon)

    26 August 2011 at 17:25 #48475

    I had my V12 & Riley RMB springs rebuilt & retempered by Paddington Springs. They also made up new springs for my LG6 special. Unfortunately despite returning several times, they never got the setting right for the LG6. Lovely guy to deal with though. In the end I went to Jones Springs…& they seem to have got it right (I took along every relevant measurement I could think of, but he simply wanted to know how much higher I wanted the car to sit)…incidentally, they were impressed with Paddington’s workmanship.
    If your car is to standard specification, you should find that theses firms will have the data to reset your springs correctly…& if they don’t get it right, will redo them without charge.
    Being a special (with shortened chassis), I had the springs for the LG6 made shorter, & with fewer leaves, so there would have been no set data for them.

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