• Julian Messent
    21 August 2012 at 13:13 #49553

    As it says,
    Just picked up a great V12 Razor Edge saloon for restoration / refurb.
    Been stood inside for the last 30 years apparently and is in really very tidy condition with the doors etc in exceptional condition. Not one mm of sag when opened!!! Everything working and even good leatherwork. Paint is a sickly orange brown two tone though but that can be easily sorted.
    Just re-commissioning it now and seeing if / how she runs.
    We will probably put it up for sale shortly. Or maybe we’ll keep it and enjoy, not decided yet.


    Colin M34
    21 August 2012 at 17:28 #49554


    What coach builder made the body? Any chance of a photo?


    Alistair Crawford
    21 August 2012 at 17:29 #49555


    I also have a lovely V12 razor edge saloon – mechanically perfect but needing body tidying and painting. Mine is by Freestone and Webb – who is the coachbuilder of yours?


    Alistair Crawford
    21 August 2012 at 17:30 #49556


    precision timing! great minds think alike

    Julian Messent
    23 August 2012 at 11:18 #49559

    Body is Freestone and Webb.

    Hopefully will have it running shortly.
    Will do some photos when I get it out as it’s tucked away at the moment.
    However interestingly it differs from any others I’ve seen in that it has a rear mounted spare wheel and it looks a lot more sporty in the process.


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