• Peter S30
    3 September 2017 at 17:29 #52471

    On the way to the last Contintental Rally (to Friesland this time) after 300 km (of 2000 total) crusing on the motorway we suddenly heard a loud chattering noise and something disappearing under the car. After stopping at the side and some searching I found the radiator fan missing completely. 1 Blade had disappeared and 4 were in the radiator shroud. Luckily it had not destroyed the radiator and we could continue our rally on the electric fan and with moderate speed (motorways uphill in hot summer caused need of frequent refill of water). The inner ring of the fan is quite thin and I assume it broke because of fatigue due to vibrations.

    Now I am looking for a replacement fan. Who knows what fan (of any other car) could fit?

    Or who is runing his DB3ltr Lagonda only on an electric fan (which model? mine is to weak to do the job allone) What current is it pulling (I fear constant electric fan +night driving is to much for the standard generator)

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    Peter S30
    10 January 2018 at 13:16 #52627

    No feedback, so this is what I did:

    I found one on jegs.com that is quite similar, changes I had to do:

    bore the center with a hole-saw and add the 5 small holes for the mounting screws. Had to bend the 5 arms to have slighly less angle, otherwise it would foul the radiator shroud (I first thought I would have to remove the aluminum blades so you see one rivet missing in the foto). Running the engine all seems well but have to wait for hot weather to see if really all is ok now.

    I think the original fan has very little material where the mounting holes are plus the blades are heavy so a little imbalance can weaken this rapidly.

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