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    I changed my oil filter gasket for the club rubber type last year and have found it to have partially dissolved when changing filter just now. I made a paper gasket (0.8mm) but it leaks! Any suggestions as to best material for this gasket. Off to the south of France on Sunday for my niece’s wedding so don’t have a lot of time! I have to hand, paper, rubberised cork, and graphite “asbestosy” sheet. Please don’t tell me I should have fitted the spin on attachment!

    3 September 2019 at 17:07 #53054

    How annoying! Have you used some unusual oil?

    I suggest you clean all oil from the mating surfaces, clean or make a new paper gasket, then assemble with the gasket coated with a good quality silicone gasket goo. Take care to entirely coat both sides of the gasket, but don’t overdo it, as excess goo is pointless and could separate and block an oilway.
    Let it cure for a few minutes lightly assembled. Then retighten some more. After say 12 hours, fully tighten. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t solve your problem permanently.


    3 September 2019 at 17:47 #53055

    Thanks Lawrence. I doubt the type of oil was the issue with the gasket as it was Penrite Shelsley medium.
    To be honest having dismantled it again I think the leak may be due to the canister not having seated properly. My good even tightening of the bolts may well have distorted the rim!
    Having straightened that, I shall try again tomorrow. I must have done this, satisfactorily,at least 30 times; age perhaps…………. :'(

    4 September 2019 at 07:47 #53056

    Aaah, yes. I found exactly the same issue with the canister on my LG6 engine when I bought the car. It seems the steel gauge used could have been thicker, however doubtless previous owners had overtightened in attempting to cure a leak. Presumably a problem appreciated by the filter manufacturers, as later versions rely on a central bolt passing through the centre of the filter. I have one on my Riley RMB … that said, there are instances where overtightening of those has deformed the base of the canister.
    Hope an easy fix.

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