• Guy Vinall
    7 February 2012 at 19:53 #48759

    If there are several amongst us who would consider pooling our resources to get new parts remanfactured economically then I would be interested in hearing from you! For example if the prices were right I would purchase;
    – A New Alloy Radiator.
    – Two new petrol tanks with a modern no leak sender system.
    – Bulk Tyre Purchasing
    I’m sure if we really looked at this, there could be many other items worthy of consideration (Carpets, Brakes etc) Let me know, regards, Guy.

    7 February 2012 at 20:31 #48760

    Hi Guy,

    Interesting thoughts. The last thing I want to do is put a damper on them but I’m not sure I agree. Alloy radiators are readily available as are most of the brake parts. I can’t see that there would be enough ‘takers’ to make much of an impact on the tyre or carpet side of things, let alone petrol tanks! Christian has managed to get bumpers remanufactured and he and I got in on the end of a batch of rim embellishers and hub caps (I can see that this is an area where we could probably get together and promote the creation of another batch).

    I’d be keen to hear from others, though (perhaps I’m being too pessimistic?).



    8 February 2012 at 08:33 #48762

    One area 10 years ago several of us clubbed together and got significant savings (30+%) was on a batch of stainless exhausts from Quicksilver, althought they did need some fettling to get the downpipe angles correct. For brakes etc, it is I think helpful to know which other cars use the same bits, for example XK150S for discs (rear or front, am afraid I don’t recall, but not both) and other Dunlop components. One area it might be prudent in due course to get together would be for front and rear screens. Tyres, I’m not so sure, mine tend to perish on the sidewalls through age before the tread wears out

    8 February 2012 at 11:27 #48763

    I’ve got a pretty good handle on what is available and where from. Tyres and exhausts would be a good area for us to get together on, I am guessing we would need a minimum order of 3 to make a significant impact – as in three exhausts – 3 full set of tyres etc. I have my original exhaust which I am planning to get copied in s/s, should be much cheaper than Quicksilver. Aaron Radiator Co were doing an alloy rad for ?350 last year but now they are ?600, we may be able to get them to do the deal again…

    Fuel tanks – AM Services Dorset will make them – but for a cost, fortunately mine have been renewed / refurbished at some point.

    Carpets – I plan to buy Wilton carpet, copy the pattern from the original, and then get them professionally finished. A bulk purchase of 1″ sound proofing felt could be required – it’s more expensive than the carpet.

    Pilkington will make the front screen for ?450, I have mine already. Rears are available from AMS Dorset for around ?600, probably from Pilkington originally.

    I really would like to avoid putting cross ply tyres on, I have a few very cost effective ideas in mind but I am researching these at the mo…

    In conclusion…count me in on batch buying!

    Guy Vinall
    8 February 2012 at 19:19 #48765

    Christian, thank you for the message. On the cooling front, nothing works better than the new uprated water pump! Alloy radiators came off the back of reducing weight not heat for racing sports cars & GT’s. Though some are slightly larger in capacity, air movement is still the key there. For cars such as ours, static traffic is your worst nightmare and a specially prepared copper cored radiator, uprated pump & electric fan will achieve far more than an alloy fan! I have fitted alloy radiators to both my XK 120, 3.8 MK2 & 150s & the reduction in heat terms was minimalist if any at all. When I fitted improved pumps & fans now that did make a real difference. More recently on my TD21 I can now keep the car at below 85 degrees in static traffic!
    On the tyre front I’m running 3 different radial tyres, Vredstein, Pirelli & Avon Radial 205R15 textiles. All are very good. The Lagonda likes the Pirelli’s & Avons. I will be buying another 5 of the Avons & if you are of a similar mind, perhaps we could club together & see what deals are to be done? Have looked at other makes, but do not feel comfortable with the information I have been given.
    On the exhaust front, mine is newish, but I’m not happy with the low height level & a friend next week is going to modify it!
    Have you had a pucker boot mat made? I could do with another less tatty one!

    8 February 2012 at 19:37 #48766

    In one car the boot mat is an antique Portuguese rug, adds charm or so I tell myself! More seriously, under-bonnet heat management at low speeds needs to be addressed “in the round”; one of the Rapide’s design issues is that the wing side vents are pretty ineffective because of blockages by servos etc; I’ve toyed with the idea of fitting extractor fans in them, also fitting a modified bonnet, like 110 in Oz. It would be interesting to know how 105 behaves as it was modified by AML to become the “Mark 2”, and I would not be surprised if this grille change was not simply aesthetic. Also 137 with the DB5 front. In short there is simply not enough outside air flow

    8 February 2012 at 23:25 #48767

    Very interesting on the radiator front, I will think twice about an alloy rad… I have used a Revotec fan in the past, I think it is better quality and better looking than a Kenlowe and the thermostat fitting is much neater.

    Puddleduck sell Avon Radials which should fit the Rapide for around ?200 each.

    9 February 2012 at 11:17 #48768

    ?800 for a water pump is outrageous.

    Here’ my tip for the day (I’ve plenty more of these);

    [*]DB4 Engine Mount – ?60
    [*]Landrover Engine Mount – ?3

    Both are the same part.

    Guy Vinall
    15 February 2012 at 17:40 #48782

    Christian, I wonder if you can help me please? Unfortunately, I’ve just had a spine operation so my ability to do certain jobs is temporarily limited. Luckily I have a friend very experienced on the DB4/5 side who is going to help! I wish to remove the dashboard & dash top to have them renovated. Can you provide any pointers as to how approach this? How its held in etc? My friend has done similar to AM’s but not a rapide! Hope you can help.
    Best wishes, Guy.

    15 February 2012 at 22:48 #48784

    Hi Guy, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having back problems, I hope you make a good recovery.

    It would be my pleasure to tell you how the dash is removed, I will try and do it with a few words as possible! It is quite involved but I’m sure you expect that. I won’t mention the obvious stuff which is easy to see – make sure lots of photos are taken.

    1. Remove Steering wheel and remember that small alan key bolts in th boss fix the horn push so don’t pull it! Remove the indicator assembly and pull through the steering column loom.

    2. Remove the vinyl dash side trims under the curved sections of dash – they are glued on. These will reveal the side fixings to the A posts.

    3. Carefully push back and down the rear panel of the glove box exposing one of the main dash fixings.

    4. Remove either the speedo or rev counter (can’t remember which) to expose another main dash fixing – location mirrors the one behind the glove box.

    5. There are another two fixings centrally located above the heater box – these can be reached with a spanner whilst lying on your back.

    6. All other brackets are assumed to have been released by this stage so the dash should pull forwards.

    7. Release the wiring loom, disconnect everything and label, photo, now you should be able to remove the whole dash.

    Next stage – taking apart the dash…see my other thread here. I’m very happy to give any advice if needed – just ask me for my number.


    Guy Vinall
    21 February 2012 at 16:42 #48792

    Christian Hello. Thank you for your kind help on the dash board removal. I note on previous discussions, uprating water pumps was mentioned. I was with Adrian Musto at Aston Engineering 01332 371566 last week & we spoke of this. His prices were as follows for parts;
    1 X WATER PUMP SEAL; ?54.11
    1 X ‘Performance’ IMPELLOR; ?105.00 (AML STANDARD IMPELLOR ?121.50)
    1 X GASKET: ?2.23
    ALL PLUS VAT etc. + delivery

    21 February 2012 at 17:17 #48793

    That’s really useful info, thanks.

    Also…I’ve just sent my front calipers off to Ward Engineering to be refurbished. They will upgrade them to stainless pistons for ?70 per piston unit. Powertrack Ltd have a stock of original new Dunlop 2 1/2″ calipers for ?110ea.

    19 March 2012 at 17:12 #48827

    Seat hinges (which are still available from Germany) – Mercedes 220S or variant

    19 March 2012 at 19:43 #48828

    Hi Christian,

    For many years my parents ran one of the very first Rover 2000s. That had Dunlop brakes, & I wonder if the Lagonda ones are the same/similar? We had no end of trouble with the cylinders rusting, & despite the central guide pin, the pistons would still tend to tip, allowing the pads to wear unevenly. New cylinders rusted in no time, then one day, a new one supplied was nickel plated. Had no problems at all, ever, with that one. Perhaps new ones now are all plated, if not, might be worth considering. The plating wasn’t that thick, the outer soon rusted, but where it mattered, the cylinder walls, they were always good as new.

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