• David Bracey
    17 February 2021 at 07:43 #53245

    Although by no means old I am getting tired of crawling around under cars so have been looking at a mid-height car lift. The problem is that the garage in which I want to fit it only allows a 1m max lift and I have a few very different cars. Think LG45 at one end of the scale and 1963 mini at the other. Jacking points vary widely also.

    I?ve been looking at the EZ Lift that Holden sell as it is available with a range of different width cross beams. https://www.holden.co.uk/p/car_lift_e_z_mobile_for_home_and_professional_use

    Has anyone any experience of these or others?

    I suspect it will be fine for my other cars but the Lagonda is possibly too awkward for it. It?s also at the very limit of the lift weight as it?s a saloon.

    Thanks in advance.


    18 February 2021 at 08:38 #53246

    Hi David,

    I don’t think I fancy getting under that. It only has a lift of 660mm too.

    Short of a 4 post lift which I assume you wouldn’t have room for what about some good old axle stands? MachineMart do some with a 870mm lift and 12 tonne capacity per pair.


    David Bracey
    18 February 2021 at 09:57 #53247

    Hi David,

    Thanks for your comments. And I agree with you.

    Sadly, no room for a 2 or 4 poster.

    I think lifting the Lagonda is a non-starter tbh, but I have managed so far with drive on ramps and axle stands so am resigned to that. I think the EZ job will be fine for my smaller cars though; mini, Morgan, DB6, etc and the 660mm lift would make brake and suspension work considerably easier. I like the idea of the casters to allow a way of pushing the rig against a wall on one side to give more clearance on the other. I rarely need full access all round. If I need better access I thought I could use the EZ lift outside of the garage as well.

    When this lockdown business has passed I need to go and see some of these in use before I commit.

    Back to the LG, that car really needs a drive on lift like this


    I could just about fit that in but it would be in the way most of the time.


    18 February 2021 at 12:11 #53248

    Hi David,

    Just a thought.
    For my LG45 I made two trolleys but it does remain on it for long periods of time. I made separate front and back units with a pair of heavy duty castors on each (750kg rating each castor if I remember correctly). Made out of heavy box section steel and bolted together with 10mm bolts. The chassis sits on the trolley and bolted on to the chassis in a couple of places so keep it rigid (using existing bolts). The advantage of a DIY job is you can make it as high as you like. Works very well and can be easily pushed around. Nothing is welded so no fear of less than perfect welds giving way. Feels very solid.
    You can take it apart when not needed. All the vertical pieces sit on a cross piece so none of the bolts are holding the weight. Would probably take 2 hours or so to assemble and sit the car on it, maybe less.


    David Bracey
    19 February 2021 at 20:34 #53249

    Hi David,

    That sounds like you made yourself a good solution. Well done.

    I?ll give it some more thought but at the moment I?m thinking that a drive on lift like the Automech one is the least I?d trust for the LG45.

    I need a bigger garage really but Mrs B not keen to move. 🙁

    24 February 2021 at 19:09 #53250

    Is it possible to dig a pit ? Not too expensive and many different cars will fit over it. Also very safe as not relying on electrics or hydraulics.

    David Bracey
    24 February 2021 at 21:07 #53251

    Sadly not.

    J F Stoneman
    20 November 2022 at 21:35 #58783

    Hi David

    What ceiling height do you have

    I installed a 3 tonne Bradbury in my workshop over 25 years ago

    And  fitted it with a single phase motor and can sit under the Lagondas using a Hilda hydraulic stool, which has 5 little wheels attached for easy sliding and balance

    And which at under side give around one metre high,  and allows me to get the LG6 DHC on it and then slide under and adjust up once under if needed

    As you will know, you also  gain some height between road height and under side of  car, which helps a lot

    With  open cars and hood down, height improves  much more.

    I have  had the LG 45 saloon on it earlier which worked ok.

    But with smaller cars ie  my MGs there is much more height

    Pleased to send you some working under it, photos if it helps





    David Eldred
    21 November 2022 at 06:58 #58784

    How about a single post lift? Mobile, so you can park it in a corner when not in use. I considered one but you do need a ceiling height of at least 9 foot plus which I don’t have. Reasonable prices. . . .


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