• Julian Messent
    12 May 2016 at 07:44 #51938

    Just having a new batch of ‘Dog gear’ sets made for the T8 Gearbox,
    This will be to replace all gears and shafts inside the original casing to constant mesh with Dog ring engagement, (just like a modern motorcycle) so you will not ‘need’ to double de-clutch although doing so will be kinder. This leaves you with an original looking gearbox, original non synchro type box but with the ability to change gear in a snip, even if you are not great with your foot twiddling.

    Done many of these in the past and even some inside G9s and Invicta ‘S’ types, (even one inside a high chassis Invicta and that box it very short)
    Not really a DIY conversion but we can turn the job round quite quickly if anyone is interested.


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