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    I sent off my speedometer to a well known and long established restorer as the instrument was very noisy earlier this year. To cut a long story short it has been to and fro between us three times so far. It appears that whatever the original problem was the speedometer is now unserviceable due to the “bushes on the input shaft being out of alignment” – new bushes, talking to guru’s have all failed. I wonder if anyone has a spare speedometer, some spares or just advice. I have just placed an ad in the Club newsletter too. Many thanks.

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    Try David Woods 01243 542521. http://www.chronometricspeedos.co.uk. He put a more modern works in the back of a speedo (not Lagonda) for me as the original bits had seized. Works perfectly and I cant see the difference !
    No connection except as a satisfied customer.

    Colin M34
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    HI Folks

    IMHO an M45 speedo can be repaired easily using bits from other less worthy scrap speedos. I do not pretend to be a “guru” and do not know what is meant by “bushes on the input shaft being out of alignment”.

    However if you do not mind playing with millions of little balls I think the existing speedo can be repaired – or rather the adaptor,dial and above all bob weights swapped over to the guts of an old 60 MPH unit. These can still be found at Beaulieu. The faulty casing can be scrapped.

    I did one of these a few months ago. I also re-balled my M45 rev counter – which works a treat. Yes it is a little fiddly but IMHO there is absolutely no reason why the guts should be replaced by a modern unit.

    Colin M34

    1 September 2015 at 17:21 #51431

    Just in case it helps anyone else struggling to make up a rev counter or speedo (or any other instrument). Bedford Dials of Tenbury Wells (01584 810345) can make up faces for all sorts of instruments. They have many existing ones in their library (they may well already have Lagonda ones) and can also reproduce others for quite reasonable prices (in my opinion). Run by a vintage enthusiast and very helpful.
    New faces can then be aged with tea leaves, varnish or whatever suits !!!
    No connection with Bedford Dials except as a very happy customer !

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