• David Bracey
    14 April 2020 at 08:07 #53127

    Firstly, I hope that all are safe and healthy during this tragic and challenging time.

    As it?s a quiet time for many I suspect I?m not alone in taking the opportunity to do a few Lagonda jobs that require the car to be out of action. In my case it?s a thorough service and water pump rebuild. Now that?s done I?m forced to attack the hedges and fencing around our gardens.

    If anyone fancies sharing news of their own projects to keep them sane then please do so here. With such depth of expertise on this forum I?m sure any technical questions would be welcome.

    Best wishes,


    15 April 2020 at 16:04 #53128

    Thanks David
    Great idea to promote exchanges on the forum during what must be a frustrating time Lagonda wise!

    I am preparing to refurbish the windscreen frame on my M45 tourer and am seeking one (or two) of the hand screw fittings that hold the screen closed at its base. They are fitted to the screens on T7 and T8 tourer bodies, so not just on M45 but also 16/80 and later 3 Litres fitted with those bodies.

    I have the threaded screws that come through the screen frame but not the fittings that fix to the curve of the body scuttle and screw onto the threads protruding through the frame. A complete fitting or just parts would be extremely useful to me

    If anyone can help me out my details are under Y2 in the club register
    Many thanks

    David Bracey
    16 April 2020 at 17:52 #53129

    Mark, I?ll make some enquiries in case no one else jumps in to help you.


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