• Mark
    15 March 2017 at 22:10 #52343

    I am trying to assist a friend who has owned his LG45 DHC for many years.

    He is considering replacement of the door window glass. The original 1937 factory glass has de-laminated over the last few decades and turned yellow. It is not a problem with the hood and windows down but with the hood up the door windows are almost opaque so visability becomes an issue.

    Can anyone help with the following questions?

    How difficult a job is it to strip the doors and window frames and replace the glass?

    Does the quarterlight assembly come apart readily?

    Has anyone found a problem finding the original thickness glass? A thinner metric laminated glass seems to be the only one available (had this problem on a 2 litre screen)

    Grateful for any advice on this topic

    Bill LG45
    15 March 2017 at 23:56 #52344

    Hi Mark
    I have my doors apart at the moment, now at the stage where all necessary repairs have been made to the frames but await re-assembly as I am busy with other stuff, you are welcome to come and see me one day and pick over my car then you will see exactly what you are letting yourself in for….there is an internal timber support screwed to the ash door frame which carries the window winder assembly and when this is removed the door will be weak if the corner joints are not very good ( which is likely, particularly at the bottom) Changing the glass could easily escalate into rebuilding the door frame / re-skinning the door if the doors are original state. The corner joints will almost certainly have let go ….
    Mine are nearly ready to re-assemble now but it has taken a lot of hours to do a proper job!
    Quarter light is easy once you get the rest apart.
    Can’t comment on the glass as mine was ok but I thought it was toughened glass rather than laminate…not sure now will take a look later.
    Call me if you want to come take a look or chat about it

    16 March 2017 at 22:12 #52348

    Hi Bill,
    Many thanks for the insight and the invite
    I will give you a call for an initial chat

    17 March 2017 at 18:59 #52350

    Hi Mark,

    Toughened glass I believe. I have one door glass that I would think is the original that is shaped quite well and the other laminated and not well shaped. I plan to replace both sometime as I have managed to crack the good one.
    I suggest you remove the whole door first either by unscrewing the hinges or knocking the pins out while supporting the door (very heavy!). If you remove the capping on the top face of the door and up the front of the quarterlight this will expose the screws holding the wood trim that faces inwards. Remove the door lock chrome bits plus the winding handle (can’t recall how though – a pin perhaps to be knocked out). The inner trim panel can then be levered carefully off. Remove the door lock. Then remove the inner timber – a wide piece (7 or 8 inches) across the top and a narrower vertical piece, these need to be removed as a unit as the winder mechanism is fixed to both bits. Quarter light fixings can then be seen.
    This is from memory but I do have photos of the door apart if that would help.


    17 March 2017 at 21:00 #52351

    Hi David
    Many thanks. I am getting a good idea of the layout and structure of the door. Will not be rushing to undertake the work just yet but good to have an understanding of what is required.
    Best Regards

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