• David Bracey
    16 September 2015 at 13:51 #51447

    This is not specifically a Lagonda question because I’ve had a frustrating experience with getting the centre leaves of my 1935 Aston reset. Despite 2 attempts they have come back almost exactly the same shape as they went – i.e. pretty flat!

    The spring has forged eye at each end not a rolled eye and so I am keen to keep the original look. I know a few forge guys and blacksmiths but wondered if there are any words of advice that other members can share.


    16 September 2015 at 14:31 #51448

    Had a really nice pair of rear springs made up for my LG6 special by Paddington Springs. As the chassis has been shortened in that area (the builder thought it was a long chassis, despite the “12” prefix indicating short!), these springs have to be shorter. Unfortunately, whatever they did, the ride height came out incorrect. After at least 3 attempts, they gave up (and never charged me for them!).
    I took the springs to Jones Springs in Darlaston, and expected all sorts of technical questions, instead of which, he simply asked what height difference I was after. Spot on first time, very pleased.
    Assuming similar set up to the Lagonda, you’ll have a fixed eye directly mounted to the chassis, and a shackle at the other end, which allows for the distance between spring eyes to lengthen and shorten according to road surface.
    Incidentally, are you certain the leaves should be curved? On some cars, they are intentionally flat; a decent spring specialist should have the specifications to work to.

    17 September 2015 at 17:57 #51449

    I can confirm that Jones Springs are extremely good and helpful. They reset springs for me 12 months after first doing the job so that I had a different ride height. Without any charge. They also have a carrier who will pick up your springs from you at a very reasonable charge – thereby avoiding all the usual question from carriers about how much do they weigh and how big are they.
    Nothing seems to be too much trouble. Very happy customer.
    No connection to them obviously except as a happy customer

    David Bracey
    18 September 2015 at 20:48 #51458

    That’s great guys, thank you.

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