• ray sherratt
    29 November 2012 at 20:03 #49880

    For sale on ebay.
    Lagonda Rapier Ranalah bodied open tourer 1936.
    Classified ad ?35,ooo. location Cornwall.

    Ray sherratt.

    Julian Messent
    30 November 2012 at 07:54 #49882

    Lot of money for a restoration project!


    Colin M34
    30 November 2012 at 09:05 #49883

    Hi Julian

    Exactly my thoughts. I like Rapiers and enjoyed owning my special which I sold to a friend. They are fun to drive and look good. However I did not enjoy working on it as much as my other “big” cars. They have just as many parts and require the same (or in some cases greater) degree of precision as other Lagondas. Especially the engine which is real jewel. But they are fiddly.

    A Rapier is great for roaring around country lanes but on motorways I felt exposed and vulnerable – and on occasions I got very wet. When driving my HC 2 litre – which is great in the rain on motorways – I concluded that the Rapier had to go.

    I had bought my Rapier at a very reasonable price from a Club member and sold it as a going concern for a great deal less than this one is being advertised for. I accept that prices have gone up, but this one will need a full (and expensive) restoration and suggest that a true value is around two thirds of what is being asked for here.

    If there are any readers who are looking for a Rapier to enjoy, may I suggest you keep your money safe and be prepared to pay somewhat more than this one is advertised for. You should be able to get one which is fully sorted out and ready to roll. I also suggest you join the Rapier Register because the best cars get sold by word of mouth. The Rapier Register is also very helpful when it comes to establishing the provenance of a particular cars. Very few if any are now not known about.

    Having said this, I hope the eBay car does find an owner who will enjoy restoring it. This car can provide someone with an affordable entry into pre-war Lagonda motoring.

    I have been spoilt by having big Lagondas. Having also driven various Bugattis – especially Brescias – IMHO a Rapier is just as much fun and much easier to maintain! I have driven a Brescia on the M25 and concluded that this is also one of my less-favourite pastimes. I’m going to stick to Lagondas…

    Colin M34

    Colin M34
    24 December 2012 at 10:19 #49942

    I see the Rapier sold for ?26.1k – almost exactly what I thought it would go for. This looks like a great project and hope to see the car out and about before long.

    Colin M34

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