• Ken Jeddere-Fisher
    17 February 2009 at 22:17 #47524

    3 3/4 in PCD fabric coupling that goes between the clutch and the gearbox on a early 12/24 with cone clutch. Is it really necessary? I have found a manufacturer but his supplier of the speical material has trebled prices! One will cost ?80. So is there anyone who has a spare they will part with for less than ?80 or does anyone want to go in for a batch in the hope of getting the price down a bit? The manufaturer is considering giving up making these because of the material cost so this might be your last chance!

    Ken J-F

    18 February 2009 at 20:00 #47526


    The cone clutch, thats used on the 11.1 11.9 and the early 12/24.
    Mine is already done, but as my car is slightly more modern, it has no cone. The original engine date is dec 24 (have to look for the exact day)
    The 12/24 did have minor changes in the few years built
    Good luck with the clutch


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