• Peter S30
    17 April 2009 at 18:09 #47548

    I have the head lining of my DB 3 ltr DHC redone (mice or insects had been working on it) and I am looking for an image of how it was originally done around the rear window. My car has a rather narrow, real glas, framed, rear window and the head lining is not fixed to it and has a cut out that fits around. Sorry for the long description, no image available now because the car is at the workshop.
    I wonder if that was originally like that. Who has a picture ?

    Peter S30
    29 April 2009 at 20:17 #47554

    I received images just in time from Alex and yted – thank you – both showed that the head lining was clamped into the frame of the rear window originally. Not a loose cutout as it was in my car before. Here I show you my car, once from outside and once inside before (moth and/or mice having eaten parts of it) and after. It was not an easy job for the local specialist who did that for me because normally the roof is built from inside out: first head linig, next intermediate stuffing and bands and last the outside (PVC) roof. He had to handstitch the headlining in from inside, I think he did that quite well.
    He recomended to apply some anty moth chemicals from time to time, as the headlining is (and has to be) wool.

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