• DavidLG45
    7 May 2015 at 09:39 #51250

    I have just taken my foot pedal apart. The bolt that provides the pivot for the balance link at the bottom of the pedal I find rather strange. Marked in red on the first photo.

    The bolt started life as a 7/16 inch bolt. All but about a quarter of an inch of the thread has been almost removed so only the part under the head remains. This bolt is screwed through the fork at the bottom of the pedal. It first goes through the bracket that holds the spring that holds the pedal in the off position but that’s not relevant. It does have a tab under the bolt head so I suppose it won’t come loose.

    So the balance link pivots on the remains of the thread – light marks are visible in the balance link centre hole. In my not an engineer mind this doesn’t seem a very good arrangement but it seems it is probably original?

    I would also prefer a castle nut and split pin on the end but it doesn’t protrude from the end and there is (almost) no thread anyway. . . .

    This didn’t go to the aforementioned restorer so they didn’t cobble this up. Also the bolt won’t go in from the other side as the thread is bigger than the un-threaded hole (ie a different bolt can’t have been put in from the wrong side).

    Anyone else come across this?


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