• David
    18 May 2012 at 15:25 #49134

    Just got the flyer for this sale, with 2 DBL: 1955 3L Tickford (Est 12-15K) and 1951 2.6 DHC (Est 15-17K). Each in same ownership (and same family owner as well by the look of it) for 40 years and neither used since 1996.

    18 May 2012 at 16:11 #49136

    Yes, I noticed them. Very interesting.

    18 June 2012 at 09:32 #49355

    The very nice 3.0 litre 1955 4-door made 20,700 pounds

    The 2.6 litre 1951 drop head also in nice order, made slightly more at 22,425 pounds.

    Personally, I rated these two cars as good value at these prices, the 3.0 litre 4-door was the one to buy, I have plenty of pictures of both if anyone is interested.

    They required only a small amount of work and were very clean and well cared for, good signs.

    Interesting to compare these prices to the H&H price for a 2.6 litre requiring an extensive restoration at 17k ish.

    Clearly, where you put the car to sell with provincial auctions makes a big difference on the final price.

    Peter S30
    18 June 2012 at 13:55 #49358

    Simon, difficult to say what is expensive or not and very much depends on what you want to do:
    the 2.6 selling for 17k with may be a perfect engine: if the engine is good it is worth it allone this price.
    The LG 45 saloon: if you want to have a perfect car and you love the work then restoring from such a base may make sense otherwise it is much cheaper to buy a car that can be driven for double the price. But then you have to live with faults which if you want to correct them would let you end up in a total restoration..

    18 June 2012 at 14:54 #49360

    Peter hi

    I was comparing the prices of the 2.6 litre drophead from 1951 with the 3.0 litre 4-door from 1955, these were very nice cars, requiring some work, but not lots, to be driveable and enjoyed…

    I wasn’t comparing a nuts and bolts restoration LG45 with these two cars, see above., that is comparing chalk with cheese (your choice !). (The LG45 was at H & H by the way, along with a nut and bolt 2.6 liter dhc which made good money).

    Supposedly the 2.6 litre dhc engine had never run more than 30 minutes and the radiator had not been in the car for over 35 years. I believe nothing with old engines, unless you see it running in front of you…

    Restoration costs for an LG45 car are in a different league and I agree, that with LG45 and other pre-war cars, it is possibly a better proposition to start with a running car, but you had better pick carefully of course, no doubt all of them have plenty of faults !

    13 May 2013 at 09:09 #50159

    The Gray 2.6 litre dhc is now being sold again a year later at H &H. It could ideally do with a re-spray and the interior sorting out, but looks to be the basis for a good car

    1951 Lagonda 2.6 Litre Drophead Coupe

    Estimate: (?) 16,500 – 18,500

    Reg Number: 575 MOF
    Chassis Number: LAG/50/267
    Engine Number: LB6A/50/327
    Cc: 2580
    Body Colour: Grey
    Trim Colour: Brown
    MOT ExpiryDate: April 2014

    Purchased in 2012 as a donor car for an ongoing project but subsequently found to be “too good to break” this example of Lagonda’s elegant 2.6 drophead coupe is finished in Grey with Brown leather interior. Work carried out in the current ownership includes a brake overhaul, re-commissioning of the electrics, cleaning of the fuel system and carburettors and replacement of the fuel pump with a double diaphragm unit. A compression test confirmed these to be “good” whilst the owner describes the engine as having good oil pressure and running “sweetly” whilst the transmission is “good” with “good” clutch. The bodywork is described as “very good” whilst the older repaint is “average” along with the interior. The vendor notes the tank needs flushing and the reserve solenoid is non-operational. The engine number stamped on the timing cover is LB6A/50/466 although the V5 shows LB6A/50/327. Offered with current MoT to April 2014, a copy of the build sheet, assorted old MoTs and Swansea V5C.

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