• Guy Goring
    3 February 2021 at 13:25 #42616

    I’m new to the site but have inherited a 1928 high bodied 2l tourer from my Dad who died last year and was a previous member of the Lagonda club. He’d had the car for over 50 years and it hasn’t been on the road for 35 ‘ish. He’d had the car since his 20’s and was born in Staines, so there’s a lot of history in it for me but I’m undecided as to whether to take it on as a project.

    The chassis and engine have been part restored but probably the engine needs to come out and and be fully restored. the body needs replacing but the old one is tatty but there.

    I need to decide whether to restore it or sell it on to someone else. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who can do a turnkey job and cover all aspects of the restoration, or is there anyone who is interested in taking this on and wished to make an offer>

    Any advice welcome.


    T Wadsworth
    3 February 2021 at 22:10 #42668

    Welcombe to the world of Lagonda ownership! The vintage 2 litre is a great car and many of us have had a lot of pleasure from them. However from what you say it sounds as if your car will need considerable work to get it roadworthy. There are a number of companies that will take on the job from end-to-end but this will come at a price. A good HC 2 litre will sell for around £80K but I expect you would spend all of this in restoration.

    Unless you have the skills, the space and the time (often years) to do the job yourself I would suggest you advertise the car in the Club Newsletter. It would be a shame to let it stand for another 35 years.

    If I can be of more help, happy to chat things over. Ring Tim Wadsworth on 01666 860368

    Guy Goring
    4 February 2021 at 12:33 #42692

    Thanks for the advice Tim.
    I definitely don’t want to do the job myself, and I realise from other experiences that its probably going to cost as much or more than its worth and I’m not adverse to that for sentimental reasons – my main interest is to find a recommendation for a company or person to do a turn key job without it spiralling beyond the initial quotation and getting it done correctly and without too many hassles.
    The back up plan is as you say to advertise it as is and let someone else have the fun.
    Either way its definitely not going to be sitting around for much longer!!
    Your just around the corner from me with that telephone code.

    T Wadsworth
    4 February 2021 at 15:59 #42760

    I live at Minety, North Wiltshire, 8 miles west of Swindon. We are well catered for with local reastorers. I can suggest these 4

    1) Bishopgray at Aldermaston 01299 251628. They specialise in Lagondas and are very experienced.

    2) David Ayre at Thatcham 01635 282087 Lagonda owner himself Small operation Large stock of s/h speres.

    3) Ashton Keynes Restorations nr Swindon 01285861288 Very high quality Complete in house facilities Owner has a 2 litre himself

    4) Thornley Kelham also nr Swindon 01285 869791 Complete in house service v.helpful.

    Restoration jobs are extreemly difficult to cost. With a car over 90 years old everything is worn to some degree and one is constantly making judgements to do, or not to do. You could find yourself spending a lot more than you intended and still not having a car you are happy with. Talk to one or more of the above but my advice would be to sell it “as is” Someone will spend 1000’s of hours of his own time, but produce a wonderful car in a few years time. He might even offer you a ride !

    T Wadsworth
    4 February 2021 at 22:24 #42777

    Have just seen in the WANTED section of this website that someone is looking for an early 2 litre for restoration. Contact is 07798 555777
    [email protected] worth talking to him.

    Guy Goring
    5 February 2021 at 08:36 #42780

    Thanks for the advice and company names Tim. I have spoken to [email protected] and he’s coming to see me next week. My head definitely knows the ‘selling as is’ is the best option but we’ll see.
    Many thanks

    M Simmonds
    9 February 2021 at 08:57 #42866

    Hi Guy

    I’ve recently finished a 28 car that had belonged to a family friend since the 60’s and am happy to talk through the cost and chaos of subcontracting bits out. I think overall ir cost me about 3/4 market value but that wasnt really the aim and i do benefit from a highly skilled relative who has done the reassembly.

    Alternately I can suggest talking to another 2L owner whose trade is panel beating but would probably happily mastermind the project for you and is based your way. I’m a bit difficult to get daytime but my landline number at home is 01903 742580 if you want to give me a buzz one evening



    Guy Goring
    11 February 2021 at 09:08 #42907

    Many thanks Malcolm – I will probably take you up on you offer of a conversation, it certainly sounds like you’ve been through a similar process.

    M Simmonds
    22 April 2021 at 08:49 #44648

    Hi Guy, did you reach any decision? A couple of people I know (having had a go in mine) are considering getting one – give me a tink or drop me a line sometime [email protected]



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