• Peter S30
    31 May 2011 at 11:21 #48253

    today seen on ebay:
    a 2.6l engine block, looks good (no cracks between cylinders visible, but who sells a block if it does not have a problem?)
    a 2.6l saloon without engine and gearbox (too expensive)
    a 3l saloon without engine, gearbox, steering rack, instruments
    a 2.6l windscreen surround

    Recently prices for the Lagonda of the 30s are skyrocketing. The alternatives for the enthusiast (who is no banker or has other unusually high income) looking for a Lagonda must evaluate either the pre 30s Lagonda like 12/24 and early 2liter (14/60) or the postwar 2.6 and 3litre. A few years ago I also was searching for a 30s LC 3ltr (and still am but see prices..). I ended up buying a DB 3 ltr DHC (and a bit later a spare one), in my opinion one of the most elegant cars of the 50s. With only 50 built price was and is still low.. Also the 2.6litre is a neglected model. So there is hope that no more postwar Lagondas are broken up to put their engine in an Aston (which for some reason is 2-4 times more expensive than the Lagonda, certainly more sporty to drive but less rare).

    1 June 2011 at 14:26 #48254


    I see the 2.6 litre saloon w/out engine and g/box on eBay today (but noted that it has been for sale on eBay on and off for months). I’ve been in contact with the seller but it’s very clear that a ground up restoration would be the only option.

    I am aware of both the 2 door 3 litre saloon up there – NB It is (also) sold without an ‘identity’ – and the DHC screen. These are both from the same seller (who also uses this forum). He has been building a replica race car and, for reasons that are somewhat unclear to me, has needed to use various items from several post-war David Brown Lagondas (which he has broken) to achieve his aims.

    As for the 2.6 block for sale on eBay, a well-known Aston Martin (Feltham) trader, posting on the AMOC forum, had this to say:

    there is a lot of cxxxp being sold at the moment, there are plenty of 2.6ltr blocks about, its 3 ltr used blocks that are scarce.

    new 3 ltr blocks are available new in VB6J form, they are also available for Mk111s aswell, as are cylinder heads for all 3, inlet manifolds for Mk111s in twin & triple carb form (can be ordered for DB2 & 2/4 engines), thermostat housings & water connections.
    Bell housings will soon be available for Mk111 & DB2″

    I, too, consider all the post war David Brown Lagondas to be wonderful things. However, all the 2.6 models seem still to be grossly undervalued, to the point of being astonishingly cheap if you are talking about an average 2.6 saloon. True it is that megabucks are still being sought for a 2.6 litre DHC located in Belgium (I think), but I note that it has not sold after several years of advertising.

    However, things are becoming quite different now re the 3 litre cars and the Rapide. For example, at the recent Bonhams auction held at NP a rather nice 3 litre 2 door saloon, needing little work and a few parts to make it a concours contender, sold for ?45k (inc BP), whilst (by way of comparison) a barn find rare (i.e. works demonstrator) DB MkIII went for circa ?60k. In recent times, the 4 door Mk 2 saloons have shot up in value, such that a good one will command ?40-60k. The DHCs make even more – I think that you’d have to pay circa ?80k now for a nice one with nothing to do. As for the Rapides, prices asked for excellent cars have now left the stratosphere and are moving very close to comparable ‘outer space’ DB4 money.

    If anyone fancies, say, a DB 2.6 DHC as a very sensible alternative to the acquisition of a high value LG6 DHC, they ought to move pretty quickly, I reckon.



    Michael Rogers
    5 August 2011 at 05:50 #48422

    I recently was caught on the DLG ponzi ( google it) so have to flog my 2.6 DH project, it’s all there and I have the factory history and manuals etc.
    Does L25000 seem reasonable?

    Peter S30
    5 August 2011 at 11:09 #48423

    Dear Michael,

    please create a new topic (under “DB 2.6 and 3 Litre” / “For Sale”) for your car to sell and put all available details and some photos up there


    Michael Rogers
    5 August 2011 at 16:41 #48425

    I haven’t begun to prepare the car to sell but am being pressured to sell it by a shop.
    I hate to sell it at all but to a shop less so also. I was primarily commenting on the state of the market and fishing for it’s possable value.

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