20 August 2013 at 08:01 #50318

    1957 Lagonda Mk2 3.0 Litr3 4-door at Beaulieu, coming up for sale on 8/9th September.

    I have seen the engine for this car which has sat outside for months, and appears to be siezed. Also radiator has met the same fate etc etc

    Body color Black, interior is grey-blue

    The now deceased owner had started to take the car apart, so any prospective buyer will need to check very carefully that everything is there.

    This car was exported to Hong Kong when new, and had the front braking system modified with Jaguar Mk 2 parts, and some other horrible work and I mean that….

    “lowered suspension and specially made wider wheels.”

    The biggest difficulty will be finding suspension parts to put it back to original spec., and that will be easier said than done.


    Registration no. AA 4382
    Chassis no. LB/290/1/240
    Engine no. VB6J/240 (see text)

    Engine changed from original VB6H/738

    Estimate ?6-10k

    Caveat Emptor on this car. The value is with the engine, which appears to be a DB2 vantage engine.

    Charles Robinson
    3 September 2013 at 14:12 #50333

    I am the son of the deceased owner of this car.

    The car is for sale by auction this SATURDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER at Bonhams Beaulieu.

    SRD has never seen the car, only photos. It has been barn stored in Cornwall for many years. It is true that it has been modified in some respects in relation to brakes, wheels and lowering but it is unlikely that this is irreversible or of significant cost in the overall scheme of a full restoration.

    SRD is correct in one respect, the value lies in the engine and gearbox, plus some other parts that it shares with an Aston Martin DB2/4 Mark 2 or 3. The engine was removed from the car by my father in about 2000 with a view to replacing it with a more powerful Jaguar engine. When removed it was in running condition and it has been dry stored in Surrey ever since. It has only been outside, under a tarpaulin, for the last few summer months which will not have made a difference. However, it was never intended to be left for so long, so no storage precautions were taken when removed from the car.

    The engine is NOT fully seized, it will turn through about 90 degrees which indicates some rust in the bores. SRD only made an attempt to turn it with a starting handle, which extended under an adjacent motor caravan and, therefore had little leverage!

    I am not sure where the engine number VB6J/240 has come from – the engine number on the front timing cover is VB6H/738, the original engine number, which I believe has been modified to Vantage spec with triple carbs etc. (the FOUR cylinder engine pictured in Bonhams’ catalogue is something quite different).

    Very happy to talk to anyone who would like more information, either via email or on 07801626574

    All the best,

    Charlie Robinson

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