24 October 2014 at 13:27 #51061

    A very fine looking Lagonda 3.0 dhc is currently for sale, or should I say under offer, at a price of ?130,000. Yes, you read correctly, suggesting a possibly higher initial asking price with Desmond Smail, who sell some wonderful cars.

    I knew of a fine example sold earlier in the year for ?100,000.

    This example with rebuilt engine/transmission, fresh paint, mechanicals all overhauled and the dash-board typically restored.

    The interior is very much patinated and the car looks very good indeed, delightful judging from the pictures available.

    The car is LB/290/1/92.


    Being a serial addict of these cars, the trend is clearly mirroring AML prices overall, but typically Feltham AM cars are hard to guestimate on price especially at auction.

    I note a new total of 3.0 mk2 cars made, now 36, this seem to change by the week… Am awaiting all production data to double check against my data-base, before creating some decent graphs and hopefully better figures if this is possible.


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