3 November 2012 at 19:54 #49796

    1951 2.6 litre dhc for sale on eBay. Starting price of 5,000 pounds.

    Most of its life spent in Sweden, and now for sale in Milton Keynes.

    This car clearly has been looked after, and until recently, had an engine and gearbox, which have been removed.

    The interior with steering wheel removed and all the instruments, otherwise looks saveable, and far better than most.

    Looks like someone has robbed this car for parts for a DB2, what a shame.

    Good news is that the gearboxes are coming up on a regular basis for around 750-1000 pounds.

    Engines are making anywhere between 2-4,000 pounds.

    Likewise all instruments are available.

    4 November 2012 at 22:17 #49798

    I thought I recognised this car, it was sold as a complete road worthy car back on 17th July 2011 at Charterhouse Auction. Take a look at the very well detailed engine bay, super job indeed…

    What has possessed someone to strip out an engine and box, dashboard instruments, part of the loom, steering wheel, horn push and who knows what else.

    See this link :


    This was a good car which had lasted for over 60 years until some mindless idiot either bent on a fast profit or stripping the car for spares for his DB2, ruined a very fine automobile.

    I would like to see who ever did this locked up, and the key thrown away….

    flat broke
    5 November 2012 at 01:13 #49799

    I am in shock! I honestly believed these cars (both saloons and dropheads) were finally being appreciated for what they are.

    One of these days, the classic car enthusiast will get tired of seeing countless Jaguars, Healeys and MG’s. All great cars but not nearly as intersesting as one of our Lagonda saloons. I have to confess, I do own a DB2/4 but my 3 litre DHC has always been my favourite. Twin overhead cam engine, independent suspension on all four wheels, rack and pinion steering, inboard rear brakes, integral jacking system just to get started. A truly world class car in its time.

    I have been putting together the right bits in the hope of tracking down a 3 litre two door saloon that had suffered a similar fate as this old girl. Well this 2.6 needs to be saved. If anyone on the forum cold get a look at the car and confirm there are no structural or corrosion issues, I could make it work.

    A quick check of inventory an I am only short a few instuments and the steering wheel assembly. Not a deal breaker. I have a 2.6 (ex aston!) and recently picked up a spare box (also ex aston).

    Any fellow enthusiasts able to help out? Surely we can get this car back in the right hands before more parts a robbed.


    6 November 2012 at 13:47 #49806

    Tony hi

    Will be in touch via email as promised.


    6 November 2012 at 14:30 #49807

    What a great shame, all that work and care that went into it!

    Peter S30
    6 November 2012 at 17:15 #49808

    I really can not understand this need of engines taken from DB Lagondas into DB Aston Martins. Even if the Aston peoble all kill there engines by racing or forgetting to fill oil in.. The professional rebuilt of these engines is expensive and it does not make sense to me to buy an engine robbed from a Lagonda which also needs a rebuilt only to use some of its worn parts. Most parts you can buy new (those parts that will be worn out or broken in the donor engine too: block, cheeses, oil pump, crankshaft, pistons, liners, valves). And the new parts are often improved. I do not see which part is so desperately needed that they all want a second engine. Or do they need a complete second running engine for faster switching them ?

    flat broke
    6 November 2012 at 20:50 #49809

    Absolutely Peter! The value of the stripped parts is far less than the devaluation of the original car.


    8 November 2012 at 15:21 #49822

    Well I have seen the car and it is with one of our fine “Aston Martin restorers / repairers” now based just outside of Great Horwood in a large industrial unit.

    The car was purchased simply to remove the engine and box, which had been fully rebuilt at great expense. The engine had a new block and aluminum head, and lots of detailed work. My guess is this lump was sold for at least 15-20k, so the car which remains owe them nothing.

    Strangely, the car did not sell at auction and is recorded as a no-sale. So I suspect that the buyer must have purchased the car direct from the Swedish owner.

    The superbly rebuilt engine and box are now with a DB2 of course, along with all the instruments, switches, steering wheel and horn push.

    The electric loom will need to be replaced, a new BlueMels wheel, bakerlite horn button; indicator stalk to column etc etc

    Front fog lights removed from above the bumper

    All gauges removed and the wiring is very poor behind dashboard; also indicator lights and switches as well, stripped bare from dashboard.

    A full set of carpets required; leather seats will need some some time and love and money spent on them;

    heater system will need to be reinstated this was also all removed;

    keys lost surprise surprise;

    Exhaust system pretty complete, except for engine manifold, but ideally ready for replacement to s/s.

    Gearbox and engine and prop shaft, radiator; clutch master cylinder, water bottle and cradle and all other ancilaries in engine bay are all missing. The bonnet stay was missing, not sure why.

    No brake servo on the 2.6 litre, brakes appear complete and tyres ok.

    Paint-work badly cracked in a fair number of places, needs a fair bit of work and a sympathetic eye.

    Chrome work is all present, but very, very tired. i.e. the hood irons are very worn and will require re-plating; ditto for both bumpers, all handles, filler caps, etc etc

    The hood was good and both doors are fine with no evidence of sagging.

    Chassis overall isn’t bad, plenty of work, but the car has not been stored well, compare pictures from 11/2012 to those taken in 07/2011.

    There is a round hole to side of drivers side, front wing just beneath the bonnet, what was there originally ??

    The car sold on eBay for 6200 GB pounds.

    5 December 2012 at 09:02 #49890

    This car has now reappeared on eBay, after selling for 6200 GB pounds.

    It is being sold with a complete 1951 2.6 litre saloon, for 20,000 GB pounds……:) 🙂

    Yet another chancer has bought several of these fine cars. The white dhc purchased in the last couple of weeks from Oselli

    See :


    flat broke
    5 December 2012 at 19:47 #49891

    Actually the saloon doesn’t look too bad. It certainly deserves a better fate than being a parts car for the stripped DHC. The madness continues?

    6 December 2012 at 09:15 #49892

    The dhc has now been purchased by a car wheeler/dealer, so still at risk.

    He wants 10k for the dhc, purchased a few weeks ago.

    The saloon does not belong to him, it belongs to a friend of his, who has had it for 15 years and done nothing with it. The saloon is a rare complete car, very unsual to find today like that.

    I recommended that he puts the saloon into H&H auctions where it could well net 7-9k for it as a complete car, and then someone who genuinely loves the car, will restore it. The last one in similar condition sold for 8.8k, a few months ago.

    imho I don’t think this person will do anything with either car. The dhc is not a simple engine/gearbox / instruments replacement. Having seen the car, it was a great deal more work than that.

    But at 20k, they won’t get any takers, more likely 12.5-13 k will be the top price, and most of that skewed to the complete saloon…

    Lets hope that these two fine cars find some suitable homes for them.

    flat broke
    6 December 2012 at 16:18 #49893

    Well done Simon, on top of things as usual. I am convinced the saloon should find a home independant of the DHC.


    11 December 2012 at 19:42 #49910

    Tony many thanks.

    Well the pair have sold, lets hope the saloon stays in one piece looks to be in good order.


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