6 May 2012 at 08:47 #49024

    I have spotted what apears to be a very good set of doors and boot from a 1949-1952, 2.6 litre car. They look to be in very good condition, if anyone is interested, these are located in Essex

    There seems to be plenty of 2.6 litre parts and cars around for someone to be able to make up a very good car reasonably easily and cheaply. A complete car needing lots of work with engine and gearbox is available still in Cornwall; a 1952 car up in Yorkshire with no engine/box, and now these parts as well.


    M J Peters
    19 May 2012 at 17:25 #49143

    Hi Simon,
    It’s somewhat irrelevant as this eBay sale has ended but these doors and boot do not appear to be from a 2.6, unless from some one-off special. They are unlike those on either of my saloons. 2.6 doors, front and rear, hinge on the central pillar resulting in the door handle holes far away from each other. Also the boot isn’t even like my DHC’s, which differs appreciably from the saloon. No doubt the successful bidder knew from the pictures that he or she needed them !
    Nevertheless, it’s good to know that another person is browsing the internet sites for items for our cars. I try to do so frequently but it’s easy for the days / weeks to go by and miss something. Last year I got a radiator for my worst 2.6, which didn’t have one, from eBay. Parts are still around, thank goodness.
    Regards, Martin

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