13 March 2014 at 17:02 #50737

    A 1935 Lagonda M45 T8 Tourer that hasn’t seen the light of day for years and is thought to be one of only 10 survivors has re-emerged.

    The car has a rich history having been owned by racer Walter ‘Wal’ Handley in the 1930s.

    After Handley died in a WW2 aircraft crash the car was known to have been raced at Silverstone by Ron Newman in the 1950s before passing to marque expert and current Lagonda Club president David Hine in the early 1960s.

    In his five years of ownership Hine replaced the engine with an LG45 unit sourced from Gardner Diesels and improved the car generally before it passed to its current ownership in 1967 for ?969 18s 0d before being consigned to storage.

    BLP 494 was returned to the factory in 1937 where it received modifications to the tail and Rapide exhausts.

    Having been disinterred from its storage, the Lagonda will be sold by H&H at Duxford on 24 April and is expected to make ?60-80,000.

    For once looks to be the real thing, and not another chopped down saloon. I imagine this car will see some fierce bidding at auction.

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    14 March 2014 at 08:45 #50740

    Where did you get this information – it doesn’t seem to be on the entry list for that sale on their website?

    14 March 2014 at 13:02 #50743

    Classic and Sportscar web-site, news-bite:


    I noticed that it has not arrived on H&H website yet, patience..

    Colin M34
    16 March 2014 at 17:12 #50745

    Well isn’t this is how we like to find them!

    At the moment it looks like a good example of a 1960’s “Northern Lagonda factory” creation. I’m looking forward to seeing this car turned back into a “correct” T8 bodied M45. What is nice is that when finished, it will not be a re-bodied saloon but something like what it was when new.

    I’m sure bidding will be fierce for it. I estimate ?110K. Will I be right or wrong?

    As a final thought, perhaps somebody will re-body it as a saloon instead….


    Colin M34

    Peter S30
    25 April 2014 at 07:34 #50775

    Spot on Colin ! 110k for the barnfind M45

    the other 2 Lagondas at this auction were a 2l Continental with quite some work to do, incorrect front wings, estimated 45-55 and reaching 46 (the barnfind dust and rust was missing to reach more) and a very nice Rapier supercharged Ranalagh bodied tourer stopped at 40k (estimate 50-70). May be the seats looked to new..

    Conclusion: barnfinds sell well at auctions

    25 April 2014 at 10:21 #50776

    Barnfind fever continues apace, as the recent NEC based Silverstone Auction sale of the 12/13th of April shows; that was an auction devoted to barn-find cars, with a selling rate of 85% plus.

    Seriously though the M45 tourer was always going to make ?100k plus hammer price, they are very desirable, and there is keen competition for them today. It is also the prettiest looking of the M45 cars in my opinion. With b.p. it cost ?123,200

    The 1932 2.0 litre Contintental at ?51,520 was about right given the work required on the car to bring it up to standard. Although some love this kind of “patina”.

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