• Peter S30
    18 November 2009 at 17:46 #47659

    I saw on the internet a 12/24 for sale:

    don?t worry, I will not put the information up for every Lagonda I find for sale on the internet, and I also do not get any commission for it and I also do not know anything about it?s condition but these cars seem rather rare (3 known to the club) e.g. compared to replica Le-Mans racers and finally this category was still empty..

    25 November 2009 at 00:34 #47660

    It’s for sale already for some time.
    It’s a late ’25 or early ’26 car and last surviving 12/24 S (saloon). So a very rare one. It has to be treasured.
    I wonder who will be the next owner.


    Colin M34
    25 November 2009 at 18:43 #47661

    Hi folks,

    This saloon is an incredibly rare car and I am pretty certain it is the final surviving model S. Actually they made lots of them and they all disappeared quickly as they became obsolete and were just thrown away, having no value. The late Arthur Jeddere-Fisher told me that in the 1940’s he went round with Hamish Moffat pulling abandoned 12/24s out of ditches and hedges .

    Bob Norman, who I bought my 12/24 from in 1975, got his saloon in 1929. Although 4 years old it was probably pretty worthless by then…anyone want a 4 year old mobile phone…?

    Bob told me he picked up bits from another 3 saloons which were used as taxis and then just scrapped in the 1930s. During the war, to get a petrol ration, he cut the back off his 12/24 to make a pick-up truck. So frankly it is truly amazing that this saloon has survived intact!

    Bob Norman also told me that around 1952 his car was in atrocious condition – mainly the brakes – and the local police instructed him not to use the car any more! This is why compulsory MOT testing was bought in in 1959. Bob then left car/pick-up truck out in his blacksmith’s yard until 1967 when this photo was taken! Not quite a hedge, but close….

    Note that the model S for sale has 5 stud artillery wheels. That points to it being 1926 rather than 1925. I seem to recall that my car was 1925 with chassis number 6887 and had 3 stud ones.



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    26 November 2009 at 12:07 #47663

    Hi Colin, Peter and all readers.

    I was very carefully about the year…. 1926 seems to be closer, when we look at the chassis numbers. Chassis number 7206 (one of the two surviving R models) was made in late ’25 but sold in ’26. What made this a 1926 car. This red Saloon has chassis number 7517. The number plate of the S model was RU1310 Does anyone knows when this was registred?

    By the way great barnfind picture!

    Besides this 12/24, there is also a 11.1 for sale in the states (BK2371)



    28 February 2010 at 13:04 #47751

    It seem it the car is Sold. Who is the luckely owner?

    27 April 2014 at 08:21 #50778

    The 12/24 S Type saloon was bought by a Lagonda Club member. His details are in the current List of Members. He brought it along to the 2013 Annual General Meeting, where we also had two 11.1s, one a 1913 two seater and the other the only know surviving four seater from 1914, and my 12/24 tourer.

    Some time ago, a 12/24 four seat tourer was advertised in Germany. Was it sold? If so, who is the new owner?

    Ken Painter

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